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Free Online Romanian Language Lessons / Courses

Our lessons are structured in four categories on the basis of your Romanian language skills: A0:Essential Romanian(24h), A1:Elementary Romanian for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

If you do not know in which category you fit, you can take the Romanian language skills test or start directly with the absolute beginner level: A0. Essential Romanian 24 hour course.
We find the pronunciation a very important topic this is why we've build a set of specialized Pronunciation lessons.

Independently of your level, you will need some tools and an approach to studying Romanian. This is why we have prepared a short tutorial on How to learn Romanian for free.

Our approach is to provide for a better and more intuitive way of learning Romanian than the traditional language study books. We believe that Romanian can be better learned through real life situations and by using free audio and video materials.

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Level A0:Essential Romanian 24 hour course

Romanian speedy fast track lessons

This is the Absolute Beginner's Guide to conversational Romanian and a Romanian Survival guide.
No prior knowledge of Romanian is required.
Knowing that sometimes grammar can be tedious subject we have limited the grammar lessons to the bare minimum that you should know, the conjugations of the main Romanian verbs: "to be", "to have" and "to go".

In this course you will learn how to:
- understand a basic conversation in Romanian
- handle situations frequently experienced by foreigners in Romania

You will discover and assimilate:

See all lessons of the Essential Romanian 24h course >>