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Who are we?

Actually the question should be who I am. I'm the administrator responsible for the content (English, French, Dutch versions of this website). I'm also doing my best to improve the functionalities (e.g. adding exercises).

I've been through the hassle of learning Romanian from books, from CDs, from friends...therefore I know how tedious this process can be.
This is why I've created this website to put at your disposal resources for learning Romanian.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that learning Romanian should be available to anyone, therefore all the resources of this website can be used free of charge, there are no hidden costs, no membership fees, all for free.

We believe that for the persons traveling to Romania, learning Romanian will make their trip more enjoyable and easier to handle. Having the local knowledge is always an asset, and learning the local language Romanian is the first step.

We love Romania and we consider it a beautiful country as well as its inhabitants the Romanians, but we are also realistic and do not pretend that everything is perfect.


All audio materials on this website are the copyrighted property of learnro.com.
Written consent must be obtained for the reproduction or usage(outside of our website) of any of the materials copyrighted to learnro.com. Please use the contact form for any such requests.

How are we funded?

The only funding are the ads that we run on this website. It allows to pay for the hosting costs.
There is no other source of funding. All the work on this website is the result of efforts during my free time.

How could you help us? Your feedback is appreciated!

There are several ways you could help us improve and continue to offer free content:

  • We welcome sharing your experience (good or bad) with the other visitors of our website. We do not mind being criticized we take it as an opportunity to improve. So if you see that something is not working (e.g. you cannot hear the sound, or a picture is too big on your smartphone...), or something is wrong (e.g. typo, bad English...), please let us know! In case you like our content, then also let us know, what you liked and what worked for you. If you would like to see something else, or more of the same we are also interesting in hearing from you. Feel free to drop us a comment (available at the bottom of almost every page) or contact us by using the Contact form.
  • By letting others know about us e.g. posting links (e.g. like our pages on facebook) on other websites to our lessons that you appreciated
  • Should you have more time to spare for us(e.g. help with the translations EN,FR,ES,PT,NL, or add a new language from which to learn Romanian: DE), then just contact us
  • Should you know drupal, or webdesign, usability...
  • Be willing to check the content of the website to spot any issues. Despite my checking there are still issues that I find on a second look (e.g. misspellings, confirmation text for exercises not translated in Spanish, Dutch...)

English, French, Dutch, Portuguese and (hopefully soon) Spanish

Our website is available in three languages, English, French and Dutch, therefore one could learn Romanian from French or Dutch. If you would like to change the language please click on the flag on top of the page.

Your Comments and Suggestions

If you have any questions or comments please drop us a message at the bottom of every lesson or contact us by using the Contact form.

Where is learnro.com

learnro.com and romanianlesson.com are both pointing to the same content, and belong both to learnro.com


Romanian living in Parksvillw

I am Romanian and I live in Parksville. Would you like any help with your project?

Helping with Romanian learning classes

Bună seara Mihaela,

Yes, sure, any help is welcomed.
I'll write you an email to see how you could be of help.

Best regards

Changing job

Would you Please help me for changing job.i need some agent number in romania

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