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A1.6 Year round greetings in Romanian

How to say Happy Birthday / Christmas / Easter / Anniversary in Romanian

In the previous lesson you have learned how to use the basic greetings Hello, Good morning, etc. in this lesson you will learn the greetings linked with certain occasions such as:

  • birthday greetings
  • Easter greetings
  • Christmas greetings
  • Simple congratulations
  • Marriage congratulations

Holiday wishes (Easter, Christmas) in Romanian

English Romanian
Audio Phonetic

Happy Easter!

Paște fericit

/'paʃ.te fe.riˈt͡ʃit/

Christ is Risen

Literally: Christ is resurrected

Hristos a înviat

/hris'tos a ɨ'at/

Truly, He is Risen!


/ə'rat a ɨ'at/

Merry Christmas!

Literally: Christmas happy!

Crăciun fericit!

/krəˈt͡ʃjun fe.riˈt͡ʃit/

Season's greetings (lit translation: Happy celebrations)

This is common during the end of the year period (Christmas and New Year)

Sărbători fericite

/sər.bə'torʲ fe.ri't͡ʃi.te/

Happy Birthday

Literally: To many years

La mulți ani

/la 'mulʦʲ anʲ/

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