What is the correct translation for:

You have (where "you" refers to a single person)

Listen and choose the word that you hear from the list below

Listen and type the words that you hear

ă î â ș ț

What is the correct translation for:

  Noi avem

What is the correct translation for:

(only the bolded text must be translated)

They have (where "they" refers to feminine gender nouns e.g. five women)

ă î â ș ț


Standard order

Very helpful, but the conjugations always being in the same order during the exercises makes it a little too easy. The same goes for there only being options for the right verb and not for example the right pronoun with the wrong verb or wrong conjugation. Making it slightly more challenging would make the exercise sharper and more meaningful, I think.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.
You can enable the random order if you create an account, in the user section. This way the exercises will generate the questions in a random order.
For the wrong combinations, you are right as well. I should work more on that.
As a reminder you have the exercises where you need to type the whole answer, meaning that there are no pre-filled options to choose from, which is actually the ultimate test.

One more time, thank you for your feedback!

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