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. Cost of living in Romania

What's the cost of living in Romania

How much do you have to pay to rent an studio in Bucharest?

The average rent that you would pay for a studio in Bucharest is 247€. It varies depending on the area between 290€ and 220€.

How much do you have to pay to rent a two rooms (one bedroom apartment) in Buchreast?

The average pay is 376€, varying between 290€ and 460€ depending on the area and facilities.

How much do you have to pay to rent a three rooms (two bedroom apartment) in Bucharest?

The average pay is 592€, varying between 840€ to 360€ depending on the location and facilities (e.g. newly refurbished, with own heating, TV…).

Generally speaking the rent in district 1 (sectorul 1) of Bucharest are the most expensive (e.g. neighborhood Floreasca, Aviatorilor, Aviaţiei, Băneasa) .
The districts 2, 3 and 4 are less expensive and 5 and 6 are the cheapest. Please note that this does not necessarily translate that the comfort is higher in district 1 than 6. District 1 (Sectorul 1) is more central, however the other districts are quite well connected to the public transport (e.g. Subway/metro trams).

All rent prices above mentioned are 2015 prices. The rental market in Romania Bucharest could have evolved in the meantime.

How does Bucharest rank internationally?

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Worldwide Cost of Living Report 2017 Bucharest is among the Top 10 cheapest places to live in.


I’m American.

How could I use my skills as a Heavy Equipment Operator in Bucharest and What would that sort of Job pay? In comparison to the cost of living?

Average salary - Heavy Equipment Operator - Romania - Bucharest


It took me some time to do the research:

I found 4-6 jobs with an salary between 2000 and 4500 RON which is around $950 US dollars.
Here is an example:

The good news is that there are not so many good specialists in Romania, many have left to work abroad for higher salaries, so there is a demand for workforce.
So, maybe you could earn more if you are a professional, and if you end up in the bigger companies.

For the expenses part here are my findings:
You could rent a studio between 180-250EUR on average, a one bedroom apartment between 250-350EUR.

Then you'll have other expenses,
electricity 250RON ~ 50$
heating and hot water - up to 100-200$/winter month
internet - relatively cheap -7-15$/month
mobile phone as well relatively cheap- 7-15$/month
Food is not so expensive but it will add up as well.
I guess you'll want to have a private car.

It depends of course on whether you will be living alone, or with a family with kids...

My best guess would be that this salary would not be enough.

I would also assume that you will need to learn Romanian.
Heavy equipment in Romanian is translated as "utilaje grele"

It took me a bit of time to answer because I had to a bit of a research on some points.
Happy to help!

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