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Ho.2 Romanian-English and English-Romanian dictionaries

English-Romanian and Romanian-English Google translator

- google translator is ok, but remains an automatic tool with quite many mistakes, or less usual translations. We've translated from English to Romanian: "I have to walk in the park" with the proposed translation:"Trebuie să plimbare in parc", when it should have been: "Trebuie să merg in parc".

Other Romanian-English and English-Romanian dictionaries

For all the rest of dictionaries we list a few:

The difficulty with some dictionaries is that they expect you to type in the dictionary form of words (the Nominative form, e.g. have), however in articles you will find other forms such as past tense form(e.g. had), or noun declensions(e.g. plural form of nouns).
To go around this issue for the Romanian words that are in non-dictionary form, you can first type the form of the word that you've found in your article, in the website . As soon as you type it there you will get as the first answer the dictionary form of that word, that you can then check in another romanian-English dictionary such as the ones above listed.

How to conjugate a Romanian verb?

You can use this conjugator. Just pay attention that you type the correct dictionary form, otherwise that website will display a notice that this may not be a genuine Romanian verb, but it would still conjugate it. If in doubt whether the dictionary form of your verb is indeed a Romanian verb you can check to see whether it finds the word that you are searching for.

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