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Ho.1 Teach Yourself Romanian | Enjoy learning Romanian

Which one would you prefer for teaching yourself Romanian?

To try to second guess from the explanations within a book the way the word "Bună" would sound like? versus Just click on this button for as many time as you want:
To picture in your mind how one would say that he/she does not speak Romanian versus

In all our lessons (e.g. Basic Romanian words and phrases or Asking directions) you will find plenty of audio and video resources to help you learn easier Romanian and enjoy the process.

The best way to learn Romanian is by enjoying it.

In your endeavor you need to rely on solid ground to enjoy your time learning as opposed to trying harder and harder without any significant results. I think we all know that you can read 100 times a "teach yourself Romanian in 24 hours" type of book and you'll still have difficulties to say Hello in Romanian ("Bună").

Books alone just can't do it for learning a foreign language.
Learning a language needs to be fun and interesting, it should not limit itself to studying a thick grammar book, or searching in the dictionary.

So, how to make learning Romanian fun and interesting?

Just choose a subject that you like: e.g. history, music, movies, sports... and start teaching yourself Romanian. It's much easier to teach yourself Romanian if the subject of the lesson is something that interests you.
It's true that before doing that you will need to study the basics of Romanian, but as soon as you can understand basic Romanian it's good to start checking out Romanian articles that you like. You'll also need a good dictionary (see later on the section on Tools and resources).

To acquire basic Romanian skills you can start with the with the Romanian 24 hours crash course followed by the Romanian beginner's course (to be added soon on our site

To give you a few examples of Romanian resources:

  • sports newspapers: Prosport, Gazeta Sporturilor
  • history: History of Romania including the comunist Romanian period
  • music: depending on which type of music you like you can choose the Romanian band that you like. Here you can find a list of all Romanian musical groups by music type.
    Then go on youtube and just search that band and listen to the song. After having watched 2-3 times the song of your liking, search the lyrics on (not but by typing: versuri , followed by the name of the musical group and the title of he song. You should end up on a site such as, and then try to follow the lyrics while listening to the music (leave youtube playing and open the lyrics page). "Versuri" in Romanian means lyrics in English.
  • politics: Romanian political parties
  • movies: We recommend you to buy DVDs( e.g. online-shop that delivers world-wide), because you can enable the subtitles. In some cases you might also get the Romanian subtitles (for hearing impaired) which are very useful to help you with your listening skills.
    A complete list of recent Romanian movies can be found here

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