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Quick Feedback Level A0

If you happen to have 2 minutes your feedback will greatly help us improve our lessons and features on this site.Otherwise, feel free to go straight to the Level A1.

We would like to hear your general feedback on using learnro.com, and in particular on the Level A0. Yes/no answers are more than welcomed. More detailed answers are greatly appreciated.

To guide you in your answer could you let us know whether:

  1. Start Learning button
    1. it was easy for you to find the "Start Learning" button
    2. you have used the "Start learning" button.
  2. Videos
    1. The videos in the lessons, are they useful for you?
    2. Does it help you learn easier?
    3. Would you like to see videos in each lesson?
  3. Did you have any problems in using the site? something that was not working? annoying scrolling?
  4. Any other thoughts? something missing? improvements

Please leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.
We sincerely and greatly appreciate your answers. Your feedback will help us improve this site with free Romanian lessons.


have a question

i am from srilanka. iam learning romanian language without helping. now i learn it helping your website. thank you very much for it. it is clear. but i have a problem. in learning english language,there is a equation. it is clear where the subject ,verb and others ,place to them. but i cant understand it in romanian language. please explain it.

Romanian sentence structure

Welcome back Kellapatha,
I'm happy that you are committed to learning Romanian.

The Romanian sentences follow a similar structure with the English sentences: Subject + verb + complement/object.
E.g. Eu am o carte - I have a book

Romanian has a particularity that especially in informal communications, the subject can be omitted, thus you can perfectly say : "Am o carte" which is literally translated "have a book".
This is possible in Romanian because the forms of the same verb are different, and this form of the Romanian verb "am" can only be used with "Eu" as in "Eu am" - I have.
One cannot say "Tu am" because "tu" means "you" and then for you the Romanian verb has a different form "Tu ai".

To understand better the unique form of Romanian verb conjuhations you can check our lessons on Romanian verbs at:

If you have a particular example, or if I haven't fully answered your question, just let me know, I'm happy to clarify it.

Happy to help!


Start Learning button
it was easy for you to find the "Start Learning" button Yes
you have used the "Start learning" button. Yes
The videos in the lessons, are they useful for you? Yes because it gives me an idea of the actual speed and pronunciation that will be used in day to day conversations.
Does it help you learn easier? Yes
Would you like to see videos in each lesson? Yes! Please! It also gives me a glimpse into the Romanian culture through film and I can look them up later to watch.
Did you have any problems in using the site? something that was not working? annoying scrolling? No problems! This is a wonderful site I would recommend to anyone looking to learn Romanian
Any other thoughts? something missing? improvements
This site is wonderful because it allows you to hear the language from a native speaker and practice what you have learned at each level. It is very organized and easy to access. My only suggestion would be having a video of someone pronouncing the words. There are certain letters and sounds that are not in the English language like in the words maine, caine and paine. Watching how someone moves their mouth to form these certain sounds would be a great help! But overall this is a fantastic site! Thank you so much for your help! I have been to Romania three time on missions trips and I am hoping to go back next time without too much help from a translator!

Hannah Weiss

Feedback on the Romanian language site

Thank you very much, I appreciate your feedback.

Indeed that is the purpose of the Romanian movie clips to allow you to get in contact with the language spoken naturally in a given context, and also at the same time to expose you to the Romanian culture. Most of the language learning fail at this second part. Ideally one day I will write lessons about the Romanian traditions including the specific Romanian vocabulary. I have actually started some pages on this topic.

I'll add more videos, it's just that it's time consuming to find the good scenes, that are relevant for a particular lesson. However your feedback is very useful, and I will certainly try to prioritize this part of adding more videos, including for the proper pronunciation and the movement of the mouth and lips. I guess you mean clips similar with the ones that are available for this lesson: https://www.learnro.com/pronounce-r-romanian

Happy to help!

Amazing website

1. I personally haven't seen the start learning button, but I found this website through a general Google search that took me to the middle of the first module. In general the experience with navigating this website has been good! No problems, very straight forward.
2. I haven't watched any of the videos as I typically read faster than videos play, I find rereading content and listening to the audio clips great, so I haven't felt like I've been missing out.
3. No issues so far
4. Absolutely love this website, I've been on the hunt for more learning resources for Romanian and this has been great. Love the simple, straight to the point information and the enunciation bolded in the words.

Thank you for the feedback,

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

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