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Ho.0 How to Learn Romanian Online free

We offer free online Romanian lessons with audio and video materials for learning Romanian as a foreign language.
This tutorial is a complement to the lessons that we offer, to help you understand and master the process of learning Romanian. If you would like to start learning, you can go straight to our free lessons.

The usual suspect in learning Romanian

What usually happens is that one would buy a book (the best case scenario with a CD) and then struggle with that book until the enthusiasm wears off when the book gets shelved until the next time you are forced to use it.

Learning Romanian online free is not all about saving money, it’s also about using the right tools and techniques to maximize your efficiency in learning Romanian.

Can learning Romanian be easy, enjoyable and free?

Yes it can, and moreover it should.

Learning a foreign language can be tedious for some of us, and we don’t pretend that it will be a breeze, a walk in the park. We are committed though to helping you make this experience as pleasant as possible.

learning Romanian from free audio video resources is much better than learning only from books

How to learn Romanian, for free, and enjoy it?

In learning Romanian there are several factors that play an important role. In the next pages of this guided tutorial we will explain how to choose the way to learn Romanian online free that suits you best: audition, visual(video or books), or learn by doing. We’ll then get more specific and list a number of Romanian audio-video resources (web-sites, Romanian online TV and radio stations,etc) , as well as our recommendations for Romanian-English and English-Romanian dictionaries.
We’ll conclude with an element that is usually forgotten or given less importance, but plays an equally important role on your path to learn Romanian: your knowledge about Romania, its culture, its people, administration…

Which is your Romanian target?

And last but not least, before delving into the details of this tutorial there is a set of important questions that you need to answer:

  • What is your current Romanian language level?
    If you don’t know it, you can visit our page on testing your Romanian language level
  • What is your target level? Would you like to improve just a little bit, to fill in the gap in your knowledge of grammar or to work on your pronunciation?
  • How much time do you want to invest in learning Romanian online?

Still do not know how to learn Romanian? Just try out one of our many lessons in the levels below:

We are planning to offer all the above courses for free. At the moment we, are working on the A2 Elementary Romanian course. The other levels will follow.



thank you very much for offering such extensive material for free! this is so refreshing and helpful. I look forward to learning to speak Romanian with your help. thanks again!

dana moot



Romania language that is used in Bucharest city

I like to know the national language

Romania language that is used in Bucharest city

I like to know the national language

Intermediate Romanian

Hello! I know that you are currently making the intermediate Romanian course currently, but do you know when you'd expect it to be done?

Romanian language levels

Bună Andreea,

I'm continuously working on this website, either on the lesson in English, or in the other languages that this site is translated into e.g. French. I'm also trying to add new features.
For the whole list of lessons please find it here:

Currently I'm working on improving the lesson on Asking Directions in Romanian

and now I'm working on the lesson on the Romanian months and other time related expressions:

My intention is to improve the existing lessons, and then I'll be adding more lessons. However I cannot tell you precisely when that will happen.
In the mean-time you can already try the exercises. Each lesson has exercises that allow you to learn the respective Romanian vocabulary.

I hope I have answered your question, if not please let me know, I'd be happy to clarify.

Happy to help!


I also am looking forward to the intermediate (and, eventually, the advanced) lessons. Mulțumesc mult!


romanian gramatic

hi i would like to learn gramatic romanian do you accept sorry if i cant put capitals i am on keyboard

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