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T1.1 How to find a job in Romania?

Are you an expat looking for a job, or just got in love with a Romanian and would like to relocate to Romania

This article will help you understand better the Romanian job market. It will also give you some tips and tricks including some innovative ideas:

Romanian job market

Before talking about how to find a job, let's look briefly at the Romanian economy sectors that are offering many jobs (hopefully one for you as well).
The good news is that the unemployment rate in Romania is quite low: only 4.80% (as of August 2016).
According to a study(Catalyst Solutions) the top 10 most wanted employers in Romania in 2017 are: Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Continental, Google, OMV Petrom, Vodafone, Amazon, Grup Renault România and Coca-Cola HBC România.

Several sectors of Romanian economy are performing better than average, and therefore are offering more job opportunities:

Romanian Services Jobs

  • Romanian IT sector

  • Romanian IT businesses
    IT is a booming industry in Romania, there are very many big international companies present in the country such as: Adobe (send your CV to [email protected]), Microsoft, Endava (with offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iași), Amazon Romania (with offices in Iași), Ixia, Ubisoft, Intel,Oracle. At the moment of writing this article there were hundreds of job openings available.

    Bucharest is an important IT hub. An increasing number of companies are relocating their R&D departments to the Romanian capital.

    Romania offers tax deductions / breaks for persons working in IT.
    Salaries are usually ranging between 3.000 RON and 10.000 RON (1$= approx 4RON, 1€= approx 4.5RON).
    There is a high demand on the IT Romanian job market.

    Most of the times knowledge of Romanian is important, but one could find a job even without speaking Romanian.

  • Romanian telecom sector

  • Romanian telecom businesses
    There are four main mobile and land phone operators on the Romanian market. The first three are Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania and Telekom Romania(owned by T-mobile).
    The biggest internet and TV cable provider is RCS & RDS. In 2015 the company opened/started mobile phone division becoming the fourth biggest player on the market. They multiple types of jobs besides the obvious ones (engineering, IT, telecom) such as drivers, climbers,etc.

    Romania boasts one of the most vibrant and competitive telecom markets with competition bringing down prices: For a cable TV subscription for hundreds of channels (including HD) one can pay as little as 7€/8$/month. For a mobile phone subscription of hundreds of national and international minutes plus unlimited mobile internet (3G and 4G) one would pay as little as 5€/6$/month.

    Similarly to the IT sector, the telecom offers quite a few jobs where knowledge of the Romanian language is not required. However, speaking even some Romanian would give you an important advantage in the recruitment process.

  • Romanian healthcare sector

  • Romanian healtchare businesses
    There are very many private clinics in Bucharest and in the big Romanian cities such as:Regina Maria, Medlife, Medicover.
    Also, the pharmaceutical companies e.g. Roche (send your cv at romania dot jobs at roche dot com), Pfizer, GSK, are searching for sales representatives.

    For this type of job a good command of Romanian is important (of course on top of the skills required by the job).

  • Romanian retail commercial activities

  • There are very many supermarkets and hypermarkets as well as department stores in the big Romanian cities. To name only a few: Carrefour, Metro, Auchan, Kaufland, Practiker, Brico, Dedeman, Baumax.

    Knowledge of Romanian is required for this types of jobs.

  • Romanian banking sector

  • There are many banks and financial institutions on the Romanian market. Most of the jobs are being advertised via the general recruiting agencies. As you will see below there are two main ones. Here are the links for all the jobs in banking, advertised on ejobs.
    Here is the list ordered by market share:

    1. BCR-Erste Bank, jobs@BCR-Erste, careers@BCR-erste
    2. BRD - Groupe Group Société Générale, jobs@BRD Romania
    3. Banca Transilvania, jobs@Banca Transilvania
    4. Raiffeisen Bank, jobs@Raiffeisen Romania
    5. Unicredit Romania, jobs@unicredit
    6. CEC Bank, jobs@CEC
    7. ING Romania, jobs@ING
    8. Alpha Bank Romania, jobs@Alpha Bank Romania
    9. Bancpost, jobs@Bancpost
    10. Garantibank Romania, jobs@Garantibank

    You will need to speak Romanian for this types of jobs.

  • Call centers in Romania for other countries

  • This is a thriving sector in Romania. Many call centers (e.g. Amazon) are searching for employees speaking foreign languages.
    It is likely that Romanian language is not required (or you could get a job with just a good grasp of Romanian). As a native speaker of another language you would have an advantage here. The most demanded are speakers of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian...

    CGS seems to have many job openings in this sector. You can check the job openings here.
    Luatel is another customer care company located in Bucharest. It offers its services in 19 languages (English, Slovak, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, etc.). Just check out their website on how to apply.

How much can you earn in Romania?

We have analyzed in detail the minimum, average and average per sector salaries in Romania. Here are the results.

Do you need a work permit to work in Romania?

If you are a national of an EU/EEA member state the procedure is easier and simpler. On the official page of the Romanian Internal Affairs Ministry you can find a detailed description of all the steps of the procedure.Unfortunately it is only available in Romanian, feel free to drop us a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll translate the text which is relevant for you.

If you do not have the nationality of an EU/EEA country, if you are American, Canadian, Indian, Colombian, etc. you will need to apply for a work permit, and the procedure is more complicated. Your potential Romanian employer must prove that it cannot find a Romanian or EU/EEA national that is willing to take that job, and your future Romanian employer will have to apply for a prior authorization from the Romanian authorities before you are allowed to apply for the work permit.
For more details you can consult the site of the Romanian authorities on this subject.

What is the cost of living in Bucharest or other Romanian cities? Is my salary/wage enough for living in Romania?

To assess the attractiveness of a job in Bucharest one must take into account the cost of living in a Romanian city. We have started an article on this topic, where we detail the rental prices, the food price and the utilities costs.

Jobs in Bucharest compared with jobs in other Romanian cities

Undoubtedly Bucharest is the place to be. It offers more jobs and higher salaries. It is true that the cost of living is higher than in other Romanian cities.
Other Romanian cities that offer jobs are the traditional big Romanian cities: Cluj, Brașov, Timișoara, Constanța, Iaș.

Where to start searching for a job in Romania?

There are two main recruitment agencies on the Romanian market:

  3. Besides those two, you can also try:

  4. - You can filter by any Romanian city and type of job.
  5. eures It is very likely that the jobs advertised on Eures do not require Romanian language. Please choose Romania on the left side of the Eures job search.
  6. Linkedin - Don’t forget about the good old linkedin that is also advertising jobs. It could happen that some of your linked contacts can recommend you for a job in Romania.
  7. Other resources
  8. We tried to search for you other possible employers that usually have job openings.
    British Council jobs
    Accenture Romania (including jobs in other languages)
    Amazon Romania - located in Iasi

    Customer Support in foreign languages: English, Italian...
    Kellog's (order processing in English, Italian...)
    Ernst & Young

What else can I do to get a job in Romania?

You might want to target directly the companies/organizations that are active in the sectors that interest you. You could check for job openings directly on their websites. Even if they do not have job openings available you could also spontaneously send your CV.
For example the British Council has some job openings for English teachers (at least at the time of writing this article).

Multinational companies present in Romania. Start by targeting the multinationals with headquarters in your home country. E.g. if you are British or American try to target companies such as Oracle Romania, Microsoft Romania. If you are French you might want to try banks such as Société Générale (they are in Romania under the name BRD).

Network, network and network again

You can always network more. There is never too much networking.
Make sure that all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues... know that you are searching for a job in Romania and that they will let you know as soon as they hear about an opening.

If you are already in Romania and you can't find a job, then try to go to events on the topics that interest you (e.g. architecture, another event on architecture, design, audit, accounting and taxation. These are just a few examples, if you need some advice for a particular sector, just post a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll come back to you.

If I do not speak Romanian, can I still find a job in Romania as an English, French, Spanish... speaker?

The good news is that there are jobs that do not require Romanian. The bad news is that there are only a few of these.

You will have to check all jobs to find out the ones which are not requiring Romanian. If the job opportunity is written in English you have a good chance that it may not require Romanian, but it can also be that actually they do require Romanian, they just wrote the job description in English to filter out the applicants that speak only Romanian. If it is not clearly stated that they require Romanian, just apply.

Study Romanian! Why not?

Learning Romanian can only help you. You do not have anything to lose, on the contrary you will be able to understand your partner, children, parents in law, local media, make more friends. So start learning asap, and try not to stop at hello, my name is John, and learn much more than this.

As a foreigner you have a major advantage over Romanians: you are a native speaker of a different language (e.g. native speaker of English, French... or with a very good command of an international language). With a reasonable level of Romanian you'll be able to apply for jobs where Romanian is required. Many employers would be happy with a good English speaker who also has a good command of Romanian.

Just try out our many free Romanian lessons.

What is the working atmosphere in Romania? What to expect? Will you be happy working in Romania?

We certainly hope you will have a pleasant time in Romania. This will depend on your colleagues, career goals, integration of your family (if they are coming along), other aspects such as time spent commuting to work,etc.

But are Romanians friendly at work?
Nobody can answer this open ended question. You could try to infer from the interview whether your future colleagues would be friendly or not. But this is very complicated and you have a high margin of error, at the end of the day you will pass judgement on somebody after talking to that person for just a few minutes during an interview.
The best is to have an inside source that could inform you of the work atmosphere (is the boss very demanding, or are the colleagues competitive...). If you do not have this luxury then try out this forum where employees (past and current) are talking about their employer. Sometimes it includes the experience of the candidates during the interviews and questions they've been asked. If you need to translate the text from Romanian to English just leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll translate it.

Generally speaking Romanians are hardworking and committed to their job.
Rest assured knowing that Romanians are usually friendly to foreigners.

However the boss is the one and only commander in chief in Romania, even when he/she is wrong. Do not expect to have the same relation with your boss as you would have in UK or in the Netherlands.

Please take all the above with a pinch of salt. There are many exceptions, we are just trying to give you a flavor of what working in Romania could mean.

Still not having a job?

First of all do not despair! We have a few other ideas.
It might be that you are applying for jobs where there are much more applicants than vacancies (e.g. administrative assistant).

Make sure that:

  • you have not been too superficial in your CV (e.g. I was a secretary for 4 years to a financial director). Make sure your previous responsibilities are well described
  • avoid spelling mistakes;
  • adapt your CV to each and every application. This is very important. Even though you might say that you have the necessary skills and experience, you have to emphasize more what they are looking for. Make sure that in the cover letter you mention the keywords that are listed in the job description. This does not mean lying or misleading your future employer, it only means that you help him/her understand easier and faster why they should hire you. This takes time. There are many resources on the internet as well, but do not spend days/weeks on reading all the literature on how to get hired.
  • apply even for jobs where you match 60% of the job requirements. Companies rarely find the ideal candidate that has all the qualifications and experience required. In most cases they have to choose between candidates that offer a partial match to what they are searching for.
  • lower your expectations. Apply even for lower paid jobs, or for more junior posts. You need to be aware that this could lower your self-esteem, but if you really cannot find anything else a job where no experience is required could put you in front as a lead candidate. Afterwards you can work your way up to the top.

Career change? Why not?

Are you ready for a new challenge? Would you like to learn something new and useful?
You need to be committed and persevere, and you'll make it.

It depends on your appetite and personality for learning something new, but sometimes it can be easier than you think. For example, if you like photography, and you know to do a bit of post-processing, you could become a web designer.
IT does not necessarily mean hardcore programming or knowing the internal structure of a hard drive. It could also mean learning HTML (a very easy language for web pages), project management (where your general problem solving and planning skills are more important).

As a foreigner, it would help to have a certification (e.g. Project Management). If you do not have yet a relevant diploma/certification you can follow a course and get one online. There are plenty of online courses that provide courses in English, thus no Romanian language required.

What if I cannot find a job in Romania? Which are the other options?

If applicable, you can try to work for a company in your home country, remotely, while living in Romania.
Other options could be to work online but as a freelancer. Just search a bit over the internet for freelancer jobs. You will be paid per project and per deliverable, which may not give you the comfort of a regular paycheck, but you will be your own boss.
You could write articles in English or enter data. If you happen to speak more than one language you could also try translating.

You could also try to start your own business. It does not have to be necessarily something big with millions invested, it can be as simple as a blog, or a website on something that you are passionate about.

Sample jobs for foreigners in Romania

All this article is about jobs in Romania and so far you haven't seen even one job opening. This is normal, because job openings come and go. We kept a few and saved them here

Help & Feedback

Should you need any help just let us know and we'll try to find the companies which are active in your area of expertise in Romania.

If you were the lucky one to land a job in Romania, and would care to share your story (as much as you want and can share), I'm sure that others would love to hear it.
Just drop a comment at the end of this article and if needed we'll update the content of the article with more resources for getting you a job in Romania.


Where to find the jobs?

Thank you for this article. It's really useful.
Could you help with the links to the actual jobs. You are saying that there are many companies, but it's not always possible to find the list with the jobs available.


Links to jobs search pages

Hi Luis,

I have started adding links in the sections: IT jobs, telecom jobs, healthcare jobs. On all company names I added a link to the job search / job openings page. If a page in English was available then I linked to that, otherwise it's in Romanian. If you need to translate some terms just let me know.

Happy to help

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Any job for romaniya

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Need a job in Romania

Hello dear sir/ madam how are you i am syed Altaf Hussain Shah from Islamabad Pakistan I need a job in Romania I am interested immediately sir my education is high school certificate and my All Documents clear with police clearness certificate kindly send me a job offer letter thnx sir your sincerely syed Altaf Hussain Shah from Islamabad Pakistan sir I am a honest person and hardworking

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Hello dear sir/ madam how are you i am syed Altaf Hussain Shah from Islamabad Pakistan sir I need a job in Romania so help me my education is high school certificate and my All Documents clear with police clearness certificate sir I am a honest person and hardworking kindly send me a job offer letter thnx sir your sincerely syed Altaf Hussain Shah from Islamabad Pakistan


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_ * Residence Information * _

Country: Bangladesh
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I started Mt carree in housekeeping department with more than 3 years where I learnt all the basics and essential. After that , u took a new challenge all the time under hospitality field with F&B service for more than 4 years including guest service , knowledge about world gastronomic and all difrente kind of services.
I am currently the chef In ajman AQaar corporation for more than 6 years with ability to make many international gastronomy : Italian, Indian , Turkish, Arabic . and I am also expert in pastry and ability to make different types of cakes and sweet such as ,Red velvet cake , oreo cake , honey cake , cheese cake ,cheese chocolate etc... I am able to develop an entire menu which shall increase the revenu .
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I obtained also my dubai driving licence on 2017 .
I am confident that I have all the requirements, leadership and good preparation skills necessary to fulfill the role . I look forward to learning more about the opportunity and to discussing details with you.

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nationality Bangladesh. I live in Qatar,
I have 5 years of experience in construction.
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If I get Romania work permit, I want to come?

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I am 10 years experience in driving now i working in saudi arabiya


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Romania Work Permit

Contact me for the Romanian work permit .....

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want suggestion for restaurant waiter job

Buna Dimineata,
Ma Numesc Sabbir Hossain, i'm from Bangladesh. I'm going to do my service as waiter in Romania soon. So i want some suggestion fro my job.
Multumesc Mult.

Job advice in Bucharest


I came across your article while desperately googling to find a job in Bucharest for English Speakers.
I'm still in the US and would like to come to Romania to settle down in Bucharest with my future husband, but I'd like to get at least to some job interviews.

I'm a personal assistant to an important (I would find) CEO. What would be my chances to land a job in Bucharest?

Thank you

Assistant Manager job in Bucharest

Hi Helen,

I did a quick scan on the main Romanian job portals and found very many jobs available. So the good news is that there are many opportunities for you.
I searched for "assistant manager" you might want to do the same. You might also find it with the "assistent manager" where "asistent" is the Romanian translation of "assistant".

The bad news is that there are only a handful of jobs like yours that are available for English speakers, or more general for speakers that do not speak Romanian. I can only repeat the advice given above in the article that you should start already to learn Romanian if you are serious about coming to Romania and finding a job. This will increase your chances by a factor of 5-10. Even if you do not speak perfectly Romanian it's still better than not speaking at all.

I hope you'll find eventually a job that you like.

Driving jobs

Hi, i am from Bangladesh but i am stay in South Africa. I want come over there. There is any driving jos are available.


Sir & Madam Ineed to Job for driverin romania.i have most experience in diving. Dubai driving licenses.



You cannot drive in Romania with an Dubai driving license. You need an international driving permit.

If you are serious to come to Romania, you need to start learning Romanian. You can do it for free here:

If you happen to have an IDP, you can try this job here

As soon as you will learn Romanian there will much more opportunities.

I hope this helps you!

Looking for a job

I am fazil from Sri Lanka looking for a job in restaurants. Hotel. Catering and supermarket with 15 years experience

I need a job in Romania,

I need a job in Romania, because just I love Romania

Job hunt

I need a job in Romania, because just I love Romania

Banking jobs Romania

Could you tell me, in your opinion, which site is the best careers portal to find jobs in the Romanian banking sector, more specifically in the investment banking sector in area's such as risk analysis, structured finance. I have beginner-intermediate level Romanian - do you think this is too little to gain one of these jobs in a city such as Bucharest? Also, do you have any idea of salary levels in such jobs in Bucharest? Any info. would be appreciated! Also the lessons section of this website is v. useful! Multumesc :)

How to get a job in a bank in Romania

Hi Niall,

The short answer is that there are no specialized websites for finance or banking in Romania (there are a few but mainly reposting jobs from other websites),so start with the two main ones listed above ( and

I have updated the above section on banking, by listing all the banks in the order of their marketshare, with a link directly to their job offerings or to the page where you can submit your CV.

Your Romanian is it good enough?
I think English should be fine, even if you speak just a bit of Romanian. You are not going to talk to the retail customers... Of course it would be better to reach an Advanced Level in Romanian, but I do not think that you will lose many points on the lack of fluency. I would advise you though to draft at least part of your motivation letter in Romanian. If you need help just let me know. For sure you can apply even if you do not speak fluently Romanian.

Generally speaking though, do not expect a very well developped and established market (as compared to the big ones such as Western Europe or the US) for investment banking.

What I'm afraid of, and this is valid everywhere not only in Romania, is that your future employer might expect that you bring some customers in "your portfolio". Regardless of that, each one of us has to start somewhere :) By the way, I've seen

I was thinking about companies other than banks that might be of interest to you. There are a few that are active on the market, you might want to check the usual suspects such as KPMG, E&Y, Delloite International, PWC. I know it's not exactly what you were searching for, but they have quite a few job openings.
Incidentally I came across this job-opening, requiring English advanced level, and focused on investment

What's specific about Romania?
Read over the internet about investment funds in Romania, accounting standards... not only that you will learn better Romanian, including the specific vocabulary but you will also learn about the specificities of Romanian banking/economy, and this will certainly increase your chances. Search the information in Romanian, start from "fond de investitii", read ziarul financiar (they also have articles in English).

Try to read as well about the Romanian specificities, such as the Romanian accounting standards.

Yes, Bucharest is the place to be.
Most of the banks and financial companies if not all have their headquarters in Bucharest. Only Banca Transilvania has a big part of their business runnig in Cluj. So, you have more chances of finding a job in Bucharest in finance then elsewhere in Romania.

With regards to the salary I would say that in Bucharest you could get somewhere between 700EUR and a max of 2.000EUR.

There are many other reasons that could play an important role in your success to getting a job in Romania, such as your nationality (EU-national or not..), your previous experience, whether you already live in Romania...
The advice that I've been giving to all my friends and familly is not to limit yourself only to one type of job. If you did investment banking before and you are able to relate easily with customers you could try as well private banking or other types of jobs. You must match though the profile they are searching for (at least 60-70%) and have a personality that can easily adapt and is comfortable with new challenges.

And if that really does not work, then do not forget about trying something else, such as project management, or learn a bit of SAP, together with your current experience it would increase your chances of getting a job in Bucharest. I know Romanians working in banks that were taking the Chartered Certified Accountant exam...

I hope I have answered all your questions, and I hope the info will help you. All the best!

IB in Bucharest

You don't really have local investment banks.
You have a few Romanian high street banks which have a trading function but those would most likely require Romanian language skills and would be harder to get.

On a more positive note some larger western banks have a presence here.
Deutsche Bank has an office in Pipera. It's mainly technology and as far as I know back/middle office functions and not particularly difficult or exciting but offshoring is slowly moving up the value chain.
If you were interested in working for a software company which produces Banking Software have a look at Misys. They might offer suitable BA or pricing/analytics roles.
Misys I think write their pricing libraries in Bucharest.

It is also worth noting that IT jobs/centric companies pay at the upper end of the market.
This is because they tend to service overseas clients.

You are less likely to have to speak Romanian working for DB or Misys.

You could also try trawling through the yellow pages for the Pipera region for familiar names.
Dofin careers, admissions or ex students might have some more pointers.

As someone else (sort of) pointed out you don't have much locally by way of front office trading or risk functions. There might be some back office/middle office work ir there might be pricing/BA type roles in II companies.

Plus look at (brokers, careers)

Investment banking jobs/market in Romania/Bucharest

Thank you for your advises and for the time taken to share them with us!

Most wanted job sectors in Romania

Based on the latest news there is a shortage of specialists for IT, the automotive and retail Romanian industries.



It's a great news to know many opportunities coming up in automotive and IT domain. I'm a software engineer from Bangalore, India. Currently working on the upcoming V2X ( vehicle to everything) technology. I could see that Wipro Bucharest and timisoara have couple of openings in the similar domain. I've applied on their website few days back, but no response.
Could you please help me get in touch with an appropriate contact?

Many thanks

Contact details Romanian company


Here is their phone number for the Bucharest office:
+40 21 3118110

From their corporate website I found this email address: helpdesk.recruitment at

Happy to help

Thank you

Thank you for your inputs.

I want factory job any Citi of Rumania

Please help me about it


I am fazil from Sri Lanka looking for a job in restaurants. Hotel. Catering and supermarket

For Job in Telecom Sector or in Metro Telecom


My name is Pushpender Singh from India... Now I'm looking for a job in Romania...... Can you please help me .....Please send me few important link........ So that I can apply......

Sample jobs in Romanian telecommunications sector

Hi Pushbender,
It depends on which areas of the Telecom sector you want to apply: technical, marketing, sales, IT...

Have you tried the links above in this page (Jobs in the telecom sector in Romania). By browsing the links there you can find plenty of jobs. Here are a few jobs that I found in the technical area: (this one requires Romanian and English languages)

Happy to help!


Hello dear sir or madam, I am a Bangladeshi I have been working in a building construction company in Singapore for seven years and I have worked in a building construction company in Bangladesh for five years I know the whole work of carpenter and concrete I can interview if you need from me, Please cooperate with me for a job


dear sir or madam, I am a Bangladeshi I have been working in a building construction company in Singapore for seven years and I have worked in a building construction company in Bangladesh for five years I know the whole work of carpenter and concrete I can interview if you need from me, Please cooperate with me for a job

Engineering and accounting jobs in Bucharest

First of all, a very very very thanks for your valuable and comprehensive infos you provide us. I am an accountant and civil engineer (having MBA and a master's degree in structural engineering) but entry level in both sectors. I plan to move to Bucharest from Greece by car. How would you recommend me to start with? I am a beginner to intermediate level speaker in Romanian but want to settle myself in Bucharest (permanently, if possible). I am alone so i plan to rent either a "garsoniera" or a small apartment (40-45 sq. m. would fit myself). I need your opinion as much detailed as you can, i would much appreciate it.
Thank you in advance. Multumesc ;) :-)

Moving to Romania and getting a job

Hi Peter,
I'm happy that you decided to make this step and start living and working in Romania.
I have started researching how to rent an apartment in Bucharest, which are the things you should pay attention to and the pitfalls you should avoid, I'll come back with a more detailed answer. You'll need to have a place to live before you find an apartment. I'm thinking of a solution for that maybe an airbnb which is cheaper than a hotel and has all the equipment for preparing food..

You mentioned that you are going to come from Greece. Without asking you private personal data, I assume you have the citizenship of an European Union country, otherwise it will be a bit more complicated.

I'll try to see if you are lucky and whether there are some Greek companies for structural engineers.
There are for sure many banks coming from Greek speaking countries: Alpha Bank, Previously Egnatia bank (now Marfin Bank), Bank of Cyprus, Banca Românească who is a member of the National Bank of Greece (NBG). Maybe with your MBA degree you could get a job in a bank.
In all cases you need to learn better Romanian.

Allow me some time to find more details and to provide you a better answer. I hope it's not super urgent and that you are not going to come next week by car.

Thank you admin,

Thank you admin,
I am Greek so I have Greek passport and fully eligible to live/work in any EU member-state. I am interested to work either as civil/structural engineer or accountant, my Romanian language is not so strong even if i understand a little bit the language but I must improve it much more, it's much more than obvious this.
It's not something urgent, I will travel in the beginning of November to Romania, my budget is around 200-250 Euros to rent an apartment but I will have a car so I may rent somewhere, let's say, 15-20 minutes drive from the city center. Make your own research, collect as much infos as you can and come back t me.
Thanks a lot again.

A few advices on how to rent an apartment in Romania


After a serious research I drafted the article at this page

It is in draft mode, I still need to proofread it, and improve it, including to add pictures and the pronunciation samples.
However I thought that it could help you in your future search.

I'll do my best to check the job websites to see if there is anything interesting for your qualifications.
As I mentioned in the article, I wold aim for an apartment next to a metro station rather than drive to the city center. Like this you can avoid the traffic jams.

Happy to help

Civil engineer job in Romania


I think you have more chances as a civil engineer than accountant. As an accountant you would need to understand the Romanian accounting rules, that not only requires good Romanian skills, it also is quite a serious endeavor to fully master as each country has its own accounting standard/exceptions/rules. If you nevertheless want to give it a try the keywords that you need to search for are: contabil (accountant) or contabilitate (accounting)

You might have seen already, there are 3 jobs for a civil engineer in English that I found for you:
and another 67 as an "inginer in constructii" which is the equivalent of the civil engineer in Romania:

Then you need to vary a bit the search criteria and search for inginer constructor...

You must get yourself familiar with the norms applicable in Romania for constructions:
Your starting point should be this one:
And then you need to start understanding all the specific terms from the norms:

I wish you all the best in your search for a job in Bucharest!

Job offer

I am going to travel to Bucharest next week as i have got a job in accounting (English language). My worries are based on salary performances as i am left with 4115 RON per month after taxes (4200 RON is the gross but after taxes plus some bonuses, it increases to 4115 RON). I am thinking to rent an apoartment/flat/studio in the north part of Bucharest (either sector 1 or sector 2). I am single, no obligations (like children etc). Do you think i can survive or even save some money, if possible of course. I am delivered a DAEWOO MATIZ from my country (Greece) so i will have my own transportation. What are my possibilities with this salary?
Thank you very much for your valuable information in advance.

How much can I save from my Romanian salary

Hi Peter,

For surviving it should be definitely enough. By surviving I mean, not eating at a restaurant, cooking at home, or buying some ready made food from the supermarkets, and buying bus/metro tickets/monthly subscription in Bucharest. Services and food are quite affordable in Romania.

However in the beginning you should not expect any savings, because you will have a peak of expenses (e.g. buy some missing appliances in the house), it also makes a big difference if the apartment/studio is furnished or not.

The car unfortunately is not of much help during the working days in Bucharest, I would advise against it. Bucharest is as congested as Athens.

While the salary might be enough for the basics, it may not be that much for bigger expenses (car breaking down), buying a ticket to go back home...these are less frequent expenses, but they are quite important overall, as eventually you end up having to face one or two bigger expenses each year.

As with every beginning it is important to make the step, and then gradually improving including getting a better job, finding a second better apartment...

Another important aspect are the recent changes to the fiscal code in Romania.They were passed a few days ago only. Unfortunately the salaries are affected as the government shifted the taxes between employee and employer. I can't tell you exactly the impact, I do not think it's huge, so I would not necessarily worry about it, nevertheless if you have this opportunity you can ask the question, or at least know about it.

You should not underestimate the health insurance. Many private employers in Bucharest offer a package with a private insurance to a private medical facility which is pretty good for everything that does not require hospitalization. If you will be getting one of these (Romanian health insurances), then you should be fine provided that you do not have some serious/complicated medical situation.

Happy to help

First days in Romania?

Hi Peter,

I was curious to hear how you're doing, whether you managed to settle in Bucharest and whether you need more help with moving to Romania.

I hope it all goes well.

I'm looking for technical job in Romania.

Please sir, i am from Nigeria looking for Lathe Turning and General Fitting job or Electrical job in Romania.
I really need your help to connect me with reliable source of job company links or personnel. I be glad to hear from you.

Blue-collar jobs in Romania

Hi and welcome to our website, The “lathe turning” is translated as “strungar” in Romanian. Here are some job openings: For an electrician job, you should search via the same websites for the key word, “electrician”, it’s the same spelling as in English, pronounced differently though. Usually these types of jobs are available in many areas of Romania, e.g. the electrician is also useful in the construction business, and they are also usually advertised in local newspapers. If you have a chance to visit Romania you should definitely try to check the local newspapers. In your case as Nigerian, you will first have to find an employer that is willing to hire you and then start the procedures for applying for an entry visa and a work permit. Your future employer will have to support you for your visa and work permit application, and he will be required to prove that there was nobody else in Romania that he could hire, neither in the EU. Happy to help

For job

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Lathe man jobs in Romania


If I understood correctly you are lathe man searching for a job in Romania, right? Can you please confirm your job title.

Happy to help

Immigrate with my family in Romania

Dear Sir
Very thanks for your nice website and information,
I am Ali Iranian man(Electrical Engineer) and with my wife and 2 daughters (5 and 10 years) decide to immigrate to Romania my expriance is Power Generation with 20 tears skill, I don't have work permit and I would like to make job there and I am ready to invest there ,
I don't know Romania and my English language is about intermediate,
Do you have any suggestions for me?please,
I hope to see your reply

Electricla Engineer job in Romania

Dear Ali,
Thank you for your comment. As I answered above, I believe that it won't be easy to find a job in electrical engineering in Romania. There are quite many specialists in Romania.
Nevertheless you can still give it a try.

I have found this job in Bucharest where I see that only English is required:
I assume that the job implies traveling abroad (so I do not know if you will like it).

For the Romanian language jobs you can look at this jobs:

Happy to help

Moving to Romania for good


First of all thank you for the valuable info. My name is Riza and I'm from Sri Lanka. I'm hoping to move to Bucharest with my girl friend who's a Romanian after we get married.

I've got experience working for Telecommunication industry (eg: Vodafone), Airport passenger handling for a 5 star airline and now working as Destination Specialist to sell holiday packages to Maldives and Seychelles. At my present employer (who's the leading luxury tour operator to the Maldives awarded by World Travel Awards) I am resonsible for B2B sales, marketing and reservations for the entire world except for Russia, CIS countries and China.

I'm very keen to know the job opportunities that suits my experience to settle with my future wife in Bucharest.

Would you be kind enough to advise me where to search for jobs that suits my experience.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you in advance.


Tourism jobs in Romania

Hi Riza,
First of all congratulations, I wish you all the best with your future wife.

I've been doing some research for you, here are my findings:
- as you can imagine you would have much more chances if you would speak Romanian, so please make an effort and learn it properly! Nevertheless I believe that there are some jobs where English might be enough
1) as a starting point you can search here the jobs in the Tourism sector in Bucharest:
- for example this job opening captured my attention
2) You should target the biggest travel agencies in Romania. Here are there pages advertising vacancies:
a) Christian tour:
b)Happy tour: (I couldn't find a dedicated page, just use their contact form)
c) Paralela 45 (currently no interesting job, but maybe in the future they would need more)
d) (quite a few jobs in Bucharest)

Another important plus that will give you more chances, is to start checking the Romanian tourism sites. Your advantage would be that you know the exotic places, but it's important to know the Romanian ones as well. You can start with the official site:

Last but not least, once you get to Bucharest, and once you are able to understand properly the Romanian language, you could do some courses on tourism in Romania. I can find a few if needed. There is a chance that there might be some courses in English, but I'm not sure about it. In any case, with the courses you will be able to start making new connections, meet new people, hear more of other opportunities.

Happy to help

Willing to work & live in Romaina

During previous years of work especially dealing with foreign experts in different areas of knowledge, not only Information Technology I gained many experiences ,which give me the ability to change to any new work differ from my main study. And this time for me to discover new opportunities, new area of works
Good communicator, staff planner and developer. Pro-active organizer, effective and efficient problems-solving.
Manage the services with the aim of providing quality and reliability.
The business impact is a reliable access to operational work activities and data security.
Interesting in involving with the social services, humanitarian fields

appreciate your advice and recommendations in helping me found new job in Romania

Social services, humanitarian fields in Romania

Hi, I did quite some thinking on what could be best suited for you You can check here the jobs in NGOs in Romania: It is very likely that Romanian language is needed for these jobs. Another option would be a paid volunteer: I did not get from your post above whether you worked before in IT or not. Because there are many job openings in IT in Romania. In any case I clearly understood your preference for social services, humanitarian field. You could also try the big NGOs, such as Greenpeace (

You can also check these jobs:

Happy to help

Civil engineering

I would like to search for a job in Romania, according to my experiences in projects leadership, planning, and reinforced concrete structural, stormwater engineering, and geotechnical. My graduation BS.c Buildings and construction, as well as MS.c Geo and water engineering, environment, from Chalmers University, SWEDEN.


Dear sir or madam
Can we have any option for partnership in job abroad or Romania?
I have many clients looking for over sea job?
Shimelis, General Manager, Theophilus International Consultant , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Partnership job


What do you mean by partnership job?

Happy to help

Cleaning Worker job in Romania (From Bangladesh)

I am ready to work in Romania as a Cleaner or Cleaning Supervisor and any job in Romania.

How can i find job or Company for Work permit?

Please help me by giving Any Company or Recruiting Agency address, e-mail or phone number and link, if Any y.

Thanks you

Cleaner job in Romania


I had a look and there are not so many jobs available. As you can imagine, these are jobs that are easily occupied by locals.
I really doubt that one could land a job in Romania coming from abroad on this type of profile.

Nevertheless, I did do a research, here is what I found:

Happy to help

work permit in Romania

Dear Sir/Madm.I am written from Bangladesh. Kindly let me inform how get employer list low level skill visa or skill visa. Where i submit my CV and how get work permi
Abdul Malek

Unskilled jobs in Romania

Dear Abdul,
Without knowing what you did before, or your experience, I understand that you are searching for for unskilled, or low skilled jobs in Romania. An unskilled worked in Romanian it's called "muncitor necalificat"
I searched for you based on the keyword "necalificat", here is the whole list:

Here are a few sample job openings:

You can use google translate to translate the content of the job openings.

The process as explained above in the article is that you need to first apply for a job and, as soon as a potential employer will like you, they will apply for a work permit for you, you cannot apply directly yourself for a work permit, a Romanian employer needs to do it for you.

I hope this helps

Romanian Social Corporation

Hi Dear,

I Would like to ask about Romanian Corporation,
If I work in Romania as an employee for sure I’ll will be entitled to 45% deduction for the romanian government from my basic salary, the question is If I intend to go back to my original country Is it to collect the amounts that were deducted during my stay in Romania ?
If yes please provide me with the law number.



Are you referring to working in the IT sector in Romania?

Female Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Staff

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For job opportunity

Hello sir Or madam this is harpal Singh I am from India now working in Kurdistan have ten years of experience about automobile gear manufacturing company and production engineer.. Also send you resume please go through this e-mail address

Mechanical engineers jobs in Romania

I assume that you are searching for a job in Romania.

There is the Daimler factory in Romania that is producing gear boxes for Mercedes.
You can send your Cv to them:

And then there are other opportunities for mechanical engineer type of jobs such as: (specifically for car systems) (locksmith, no need for a bachelor's degree diploma)

Good luck!

looking sponcer for job

i am yousuf hossain from bangladesh.i have done secondory school.working as a waiter almost 11 years in uae.i want to apply for job in i can i get job from romania.any kind of job.

Blue collar jobs in Romania

Since you haven't been that specific, I searched the companies that hired foreigners in Romania and I found:
1) In constructions
2) In hotel domain

I have found some other Romanian agencies that apparently are recruiting, but I can't recommend them I do not know how serious they are... The two above one are serious, the first one Erbasu, is maybe the biggest construction company in Romania.

Happy to help!


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