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How to find a job in Romania?

Romanian employers
Are you an expat looking for a job, or just got in love with a Romanian and would like to relocate to Romania

This article will help you understand better the Romanian job market. It will also give you some tips and tricks including some innovative ideas:

Romanian job market

Before talking about how to find a job, let's look briefly at the Romanian economy sectors that are offering many jobs (hopefully one for you as well).
The good news is that the unemployment rate in Romania is quite low: only 4.80% (as of August 2016).
According to a study(Catalyst Solutions) the top 10 most wanted employers in Romania in 2017 are: Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Continental, Google, OMV Petrom, Vodafone, Amazon, Grup Renault România and Coca-Cola HBC România.

Several sectors of Romanian economy are performing better than average, and therefore are offering more job opportunities:

Romanian Services Jobs

  • Romanian IT sector

  • Romanian IT businesses
    IT is a booming industry in Romania, there are very many big international companies present in the country such as: Adobe (send your CV to [email protected]), Microsoft, Endava (with offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iași), Amazon Romania (with offices in Iași), Ixia, Ubisoft, Intel,Oracle. At the moment of writing this article there were hundreds of job openings available.

    Bucharest is an important IT hub. An increasing number of companies are relocating their R&D departments to the Romanian capital.

    Romania offers tax deductions / breaks for persons working in IT.
    Salaries are usually ranging between 3.000 RON and 10.000 RON (1$= approx 4RON, 1€= approx 4.5RON).
    There is a high demand on the IT Romanian job market.

    Most of the times knowledge of Romanian is important, but one could find a job even without speaking Romanian.

  • Romanian telecom sector

  • Romanian telecom businesses
    There are four main mobile and land phone operators on the Romanian market. The first three are Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania and Telekom Romania(owned by T-mobile).
    The biggest internet and TV cable provider is RCS & RDS. In 2015 the company opened/started mobile phone division becoming the fourth biggest player on the market. They multiple types of jobs besides the obvious ones (engineering, IT, telecom) such as drivers, climbers,etc.

    Romania boasts one of the most vibrant and competitive telecom markets with competition bringing down prices: For a cable TV subscription for hundreds of channels (including HD) one can pay as little as 7€/8$/month. For a mobile phone subscription of hundreds of national and international minutes plus unlimited mobile internet (3G and 4G) one would pay as little as 5€/6$/month.

    Similarly to the IT sector, the telecom offers quite a few jobs where knowledge of the Romanian language is not required. However, speaking even some Romanian would give you an important advantage in the recruitment process.

  • Romanian healthcare sector

  • Romanian healtchare businesses
    There are very many private clinics in Bucharest and in the big Romanian cities such as:Regina Maria, Medlife, Medicover.
    Also, the pharmaceutical companies e.g. Roche (send your cv at romania dot jobs at roche dot com), Pfizer, GSK, are searching for sales representatives.

    For this type of job a good command of Romanian is important (of course on top of the skills required by the job).

  • Romanian retail commercial activities

  • There are very many supermarkets and hypermarkets as well as department stores in the big Romanian cities. To name only a few: Carrefour, Metro, Auchan, Kaufland, Practiker, Brico, Dedeman, Baumax.

    Knowledge of Romanian is required for this types of jobs.

  • Romanian banking sector

  • There are many banks and financial institutions on the Romanian market. Most of the jobs are being advertised via the general recruiting agencies. As you will see below there are two main ones. Here are the links for all the jobs in banking, advertised on ejobs.
    Here is the list ordered by market share:

    1. BCR-Erste Bank, [email protected], [email protected]
    2. BRD - Groupe Group Société Générale, [email protected] Romania
    3. Banca Transilvania, [email protected] Transilvania
    4. Raiffeisen Bank, [email protected] Romania
    5. Unicredit Romania, [email protected]
    6. CEC Bank, [email protected]
    7. ING Romania, [email protected]
    8. Alpha Bank Romania, [email protected] Bank Romania
    9. Bancpost, [email protected]
    10. Garantibank Romania, [email protected]

    You will need to speak Romanian for this types of jobs.

  • Call centers in Romania for other countries

  • This is a thriving sector in Romania. Many call centers (e.g. Amazon) are searching for employees speaking foreign languages.
    It is likely that Romanian language is not required (or you could get a job with just a good grasp of Romanian). As a native speaker of another language you would have an advantage here. The most demanded are speakers of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian...

    CGS seems to have many job openings in this sector. You can check the job openings here.
    Luatel is another customer care company located in Bucharest. It offers its services in 19 languages (English, Slovak, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, etc.). Just check out their website on how to apply.

How much can you earn in Romania?

We have analyzed in detail the minimum, average and average per sector salaries in Romania. Here are the results.

Do you need a work permit to work in Romania?

If you are a national of an EU/EEA member state the procedure is easier and simpler. On the official page of the Romanian Internal Affairs Ministry you can find a detailed description of all the steps of the procedure.Unfortunately it is only available in Romanian, feel free to drop us a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll translate the text which is relevant for you.

If you do not have the nationality of an EU/EEA country, if you are American, Canadian, Indian, Colombian, etc. you will need to apply for a work permit, and the procedure is more complicated. Your potential Romanian employer must prove that it cannot find a Romanian or EU/EEA national that is willing to take that job, and your future Romanian employer will have to apply for a prior authorization from the Romanian authorities before you are allowed to apply for the work permit.
For more details you can consult the site of the Romanian authorities on this subject.

What is the cost of living in Bucharest or other Romanian cities? Is my salary/wage enough for living in Romania?

To assess the attractiveness of a job in Bucharest one must take into account the cost of living in a Romanian city. We have started an article on this topic, where we detail the rental prices, the food price and the utilities costs.

Jobs in Bucharest compared with jobs in other Romanian cities

Undoubtedly Bucharest is the place to be. It offers more jobs and higher salaries. It is true that the cost of living is higher than in other Romanian cities.
Other Romanian cities that offer jobs are the traditional big Romanian cities: Cluj, Brașov, Timișoara, Constanța, Iaș.

Where to start searching for a job in Romania?

There are two main recruitment agencies on the Romanian market:

  3. Besides those two, you can also try:

  4. - You can filter by any Romanian city and type of job.
  5. eures It is very likely that the jobs advertised on Eures do not require Romanian language. Please choose Romania on the left side of the Eures job search.
  6. Linkedin - Don’t forget about the good old linkedin that is also advertising jobs. It could happen that some of your linked contacts can recommend you for a job in Romania.
  7. Other resources
  8. We tried to search for you other possible employers that usually have job openings.
    British Council jobs
    Accenture Romania (including jobs in other languages)
    Amazon Romania - located in Iasi

    Customer Support in foreign languages: English, Italian...
    Kellog's (order processing in English, Italian...)
    Ernst & Young

What else can I do to get a job in Romania?

You might want to target directly the companies/organizations that are active in the sectors that interest you. You could check for job openings directly on their websites. Even if they do not have job openings available you could also spontaneously send your CV.
For example the British Council has some job openings for English teachers (at least at the time of writing this article).

Multinational companies present in Romania. Start by targeting the multinationals with headquarters in your home country. E.g. if you are British or American try to target companies such as Oracle Romania, Microsoft Romania. If you are French you might want to try banks such as Société Générale (they are in Romania under the name BRD).

Network, network and network again

You can always network more. There is never too much networking.
Make sure that all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues... know that you are searching for a job in Romania and that they will let you know as soon as they hear about an opening.

If you are already in Romania and you can't find a job, then try to go to events on the topics that interest you (e.g. architecture, another event on architecture, design, audit, accounting and taxation. These are just a few examples, if you need some advice for a particular sector, just post a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll come back to you.

If I do not speak Romanian, can I still find a job in Romania as an English, French, Spanish... speaker?

The good news is that there are jobs that do not require Romanian. The bad news is that there are only a few of these.

You will have to check all jobs to find out the ones which are not requiring Romanian. If the job opportunity is written in English you have a good chance that it may not require Romanian, but it can also be that actually they do require Romanian, they just wrote the job description in English to filter out the applicants that speak only Romanian. If it is not clearly stated that they require Romanian, just apply.

Study Romanian! Why not?

Learning Romanian can only help you. You do not have anything to lose, on the contrary you will be able to understand your partner, children, parents in law, local media, make more friends. So start learning asap, and try not to stop at hello, my name is John, and learn much more than this.

As a foreigner you have a major advantage over Romanians: you are a native speaker of a different language (e.g. native speaker of English, French... or with a very good command of an international language). With a reasonable level of Romanian you'll be able to apply for jobs where Romanian is required. Many employers would be happy with a good English speaker who also has a good command of Romanian.

Just try out our many free Romanian lessons.

What is the working atmosphere in Romania? What to expect? Will you be happy working in Romania?

We certainly hope you will have a pleasant time in Romania. This will depend on your colleagues, career goals, integration of your family (if they are coming along), other aspects such as time spent commuting to work,etc.

But are Romanians friendly at work?
Nobody can answer this open ended question. You could try to infer from the interview whether your future colleagues would be friendly or not. But this is very complicated and you have a high margin of error, at the end of the day you will pass judgement on somebody after talking to that person for just a few minutes during an interview.
The best is to have an inside source that could inform you of the work atmosphere (is the boss very demanding, or are the colleagues competitive...). If you do not have this luxury then try out this forum where employees (past and current) are talking about their employer. Sometimes it includes the experience of the candidates during the interviews and questions they've been asked. If you need to translate the text from Romanian to English just leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll translate it.

Generally speaking Romanians are hardworking and committed to their job.
Rest assured knowing that Romanians are usually friendly to foreigners.

However the boss is the one and only commander in chief in Romania, even when he/she is wrong. Do not expect to have the same relation with your boss as you would have in UK or in the Netherlands.

Please take all the above with a pinch of salt. There are many exceptions, we are just trying to give you a flavor of what working in Romania could mean.

Still not having a job?

First of all do not despair! We have a few other ideas.
It might be that you are applying for jobs where there are much more applicants than vacancies (e.g. administrative assistant).

Make sure that:

  • you have not been too superficial in your CV (e.g. I was a secretary for 4 years to a financial director). Make sure your previous responsibilities are well described
  • avoid spelling mistakes;
  • adapt your CV to each and every application. This is very important. Even though you might say that you have the necessary skills and experience, you have to emphasize more what they are looking for. Make sure that in the cover letter you mention the keywords that are listed in the job description. This does not mean lying or misleading your future employer, it only means that you help him/her understand easier and faster why they should hire you. This takes time. There are many resources on the internet as well, but do not spend days/weeks on reading all the literature on how to get hired.
  • apply even for jobs where you match 60% of the job requirements. Companies rarely find the ideal candidate that has all the qualifications and experience required. In most cases they have to choose between candidates that offer a partial match to what they are searching for.
  • lower your expectations. Apply even for lower paid jobs, or for more junior posts. You need to be aware that this could lower your self-esteem, but if you really cannot find anything else a job where no experience is required could put you in front as a lead candidate. Afterwards you can work your way up to the top.

Career change? Why not?

Are you ready for a new challenge? Would you like to learn something new and useful?
You need to be committed and persevere, and you'll make it.

It depends on your appetite and personality for learning something new, but sometimes it can be easier than you think. For example, if you like photography, and you know to do a bit of post-processing, you could become a web designer.
IT does not necessarily mean hardcore programming or knowing the internal structure of a hard drive. It could also mean learning HTML (a very easy language for web pages), project management (where your general problem solving and planning skills are more important).

As a foreigner, it would help to have a certification (e.g. Project Management). If you do not have yet a relevant diploma/certification you can follow a course and get one online. There are plenty of online courses that provide courses in English, thus no Romanian language required.

What if I cannot find a job in Romania? Which are the other options?

If applicable, you can try to work for a company in your home country, remotely, while living in Romania.
Other options could be to work online but as a freelancer. Just search a bit over the internet for freelancer jobs. You will be paid per project and per deliverable, which may not give you the comfort of a regular paycheck, but you will be your own boss.
You could write articles in English or enter data. If you happen to speak more than one language you could also try translating.

You could also try to start your own business. It does not have to be necessarily something big with millions invested, it can be as simple as a blog, or a website on something that you are passionate about.

Sample jobs for foreigners in Romania

All this article is about jobs in Romania and so far you haven't seen even one job opening. This is normal, because job openings come and go. We kept a few and saved them here

Help & Feedback

Should you need any help just let us know and we'll try to find the companies which are active in your area of expertise in Romania.

If you were the lucky one to land a job in Romania, and would care to share your story (as much as you want and can share), I'm sure that others would love to hear it.
Just drop a comment at the end of this article and if needed we'll update the content of the article with more resources for getting you a job in Romania.


looking for job in UAV field like drones,aerospace companies

Dear sir,
This is Naresh from india.I have a 5 years experience in embedded ,electronics and drones filed.Iam looking for job in related field.please provide some information


Here are 132 jobs in Embedded programming.

I found only one job linked with drones, and it looks like they are searching more for a Romanian than an foreigner. The job description is in Romanian:

looking for job

i am looking for job in Romania can any body help ( mep Plumbing (construction )/ factory worker my contact number is 00966590817330/whats app imo ..i will agree to pay .


I couldn't find jobs for English speaking plumbers in Romania.
The equivalent in Romanian is "instalator sanitare"
Here are a few examples:

For low skilled, unskilled, blue collar jobs in Romania you need to search with the keyword "necalificat"
There are 301 jobs available but they are all in Romanian. I guess some of the employers might accept as well non-Romanian speakers, or even better you could start learning Romanian at:

Here is the list of jobs:

Can a christain family from Pakistan apply for asylum in Romania

Hi, we are a christain family from Pakistan wanting to move to Romania and claim safety and asylum, as we are unsafe here in Pakistan. In all honesty we never had the need to leave as my wife and I are highly educated and have great jobs here and have never had such issues happen to us before untill recently. In short we were law abiding citizens of Karachi city living in a great area of the city minding our own business and going about life at best we could with our kids that were in school ages 4 and 2. Our land lord would always be paid on time and bills were always paid on time too. Like I said no issues we were happy! Until this cop moved into our building complex and started to park his car in my parking spot I used to pay no heed until one day when. I came home from work and found my wife shaking with fear I ask what the issue was and she said that cops guards had parked in her spot she politely asked them to remove their car as that is her legal spot they started to wave guns and get nasty out of fear she left her car ran to the elevator and came to our apartment and locked the doors. As a husband I was furious and spoke to the complex manager who then sent more guards to our door to hound us more. It got ugly real fast ... They started chants of us being infidels and need to be cleaned. I can go on but am sure most of you know how it goes from here we've pulled out kids out of school as we saw his guards standing there too it's confusing and making us fear alot more then usual .. hence the reason for us to move out fast to a country with better human rights. Could you please give us a bit of insight as to what steps we can take to better our case there in Romania.

Ryan king and family

Asylum in Romania

Dear Ryan,

As much as I would like to help, I do not have experience with asylum in Romania.
After a short research I found:
1) The official website explaining the asylum procedure in Romania:

2) An interesting Romanian newspaper article about the justifications given while applying for asylum:

Happy to help

Job in Romania for Bangladesh nations

Need information about work permit visa in Romania for Bangladesh nations

Construction Worker


Construction Worker

Hello Sir/Madam Iam Rafat from Bangladesh Rajshahi , I need a work permit visa in Romania, what should I do for get this visa ? Can you're help me please ! Construction Worker My Passport number BM0606499If you give me a construction job, I want to work with honesty and dedication. If you give me a chance, sir, please tell me how to do it.Construction Labourer Helpar

My whatshop Nambar+60142141400

My Email address [email protected]

Romania work permit and job visa

Dear sir
I am interested Romania work permit and job visa.
My all paper ready to now and police clearance completed.

Romania work permit and job visa

Dear sir
I am interested Romania work permit and job visa.
My all paper ready to now and police clearance completed.

Romania work permit and job visa

Dear sir
I am interested Romania work permit and job visa.
My all paper ready to now and police clearance completed.

How to get a job/ work permit in Romania

we hve a team who are interested to plun in Romania/EU for work permit job can you help us by your role?

About work and income in romania

I am digital knitting can I get job and how much salary did i get there in a month.

About work and income in romania

I am digital knitting can I get job and how much salary did i get there in a month.

The minimum wage in Romania

Hi, You should be looking at something around the minimum wage in Romania: Before taxes on 1 January 2019 2.080 RON, equivalent of 433€ After taxes, approximate calculation, around 1.263 RON equivalent of 263€ Happy to help!

Job search

My husband is a Romanian and we need a good construction company where he will work because he has very good experience in building construction but he didn't have high school qualification but he has much experience, he built our house from scratch to finish. Thanks in anticipation.


Have I understood it correctly that your husband is Romanian? or is he just in Romania?
If he is Romanian, in theory he shouldn't have a problem finding himself a job.

I'm happy to help, but maybe I didn't get it right.

Job search

Yes, he is a Romania national but we need help with good construction companies that can pay him well in bucharest
because we couldn't find one in our area. Thanks


I'm not an expert when it comes to construction companies. I searched for you and found one that is rated by their clients well:

I'm also aware of a huge construction company, that is taking on big projects such as stadiums, however I have no idea whether they are good or not.

In Romania, these things work by asking your buddies at work, they usually know the competition, and which one is good or not.

I hope this helps



Work permit

Sir how to get in Romanian work permit from Bangladesh???i want to work in romania.

About Company information

Myself Naren from India. I would like to know about the below mentioned company as belongs from Romania is genuine or not.



How to find whether a company exists or not in Romania

Hi and sorry for the late answer,

The company exists.
The public information about the company can be found here:

You need to choose in the box "Judetul" Prahova, and then in the box "Numele" Cadima , and then you will presented with a list of two companies one of them being the one that you are searching for, choose the one you need, then on the next screen click on "Vizualizare" and you will see all the public info about this company.

The above site is the site of the Ministry of Finance in Romania, thus an official source.

Happy to help!

Serching job in hotel or restaurant

I am Dewan from bangladesh. I have more then 3 years experience in Hospitality , hotel industry. and i am also graduate in hotel management. I am searching a job in Romania , can anybody help me out for finding this job. have ant link or owner address or whatsapp number ?

Hotel jobs in Romania


You can expect that you will need Romanian for the jobs in the hotel industry where you will have to speak with the clients.
I assume you don't. As a side note, this site is teaching foreigners Romanian, here are our free lessons:
For other jobs,

You can nevertheless try your luck for the following positions: - conference event manager - Hotel cleaning coordination, I expect Romanian language to be required - hotel receptionist, assistant manager Romanian is required - Hotel receptionist - Hotel receptionist

Good luck!

have a question

can you find out me a sofer job in romania? i am learning romanian language with helping your site.

Driver job in Romania


Do you mean taxi driver? or more like truck driver...?

Happy to help!

information about the manpower demand in Romania

Hi Admin, I just checked your page, you are doing a good job.
I would like to have some Information about the labor demand in Romania, as I can see you have a lot of information about the job market so I think i am in the right place.
we have a company HCM Global Group based in Dubai and its sub branches are located in different countries, we provide man power to different countries both professional and nonprofessional, as you know the current labour shortage in the country so the Romanian Government will take labor from non EU countries, so we as a company can provide man power to Romania in different sectors to play our part to overcome the problem a little bit, but the problem is we really dont know which companies have a shortage of labor or professionals, so we really need your help and guidance, we tried so much to find the companies online who are in short of labors but we did not succeed, Plz advice us what can we do or which companies we should contact , I am ready to come to Romania at any time but the problem is I dont have any information about the market, so we really need your help. waiting for your positive and helpful response.

Romanian job market statistics


Here is the list of 22 thousand job openings in Romania:

The above link is from the agency of employment in Romania, thus this is the official channel.

You have there the names of the companies that are searching for people to hire.

Labour shortage in Romania

Hi admin
U r such a kind and helpful person, thanks alot, I will check these companies, if I need some more information I will bother u again, hope it will not be a prob.

looking for a job in hotels or restaurents as chef

he there ,i am really interested in job in romania . i have visited many times and i think i will be happy to see my happy in romania . i have my personal reasons also . i need to find hotel or restaurent job as chefs . i was going through you blog and seen that most of thenm telecom and hospitals . is there a chance for a chef of indian origin in romania , by the way my passport is indian ,but last 21 years , i am working overseas , it took to to cuise ship in america ,all of mediterrean , middle east - dubai , qatar.
i do have a good exp in my field with 24 years .
i know all govt looking for expats ,who can contribute to that country society , i think i can .
by the way is some can advise me , i am actually travelling to bucharest on 2nd dec - after 2 days , so that if there is any agency ,who can help me out with .

Indian chef , restaurant job in Romania


Here are a few ideas:
1) an Indian restaurant in Cluj searching for a chef
2) a good Indian restaurant in Bucharest:
3) the website of the Indian festival in Romania. They have an article about Indian cuisine in Romania.
4) The website of an Indian restaurant in Cluj, in the section Angajari at the bottom you will find the email address where to send your CV
5) The website of another Indian restaurant in Bucharest:

All the above links point you to the contact pages, so that you can use the contact form or email them your CV.
I checked the usual websites for jobs in Romania for an indian chef and there aren't any jobs other than the one job opening above.

Happy to help!

I want to job in Romania

I have studied diplamo mechanical engg.experence qc relevant job have send mail....

Seeking for a job opportunities

Dear Employer,

I am very interested in applying any available positions suitable for my atteched qualifications either   skills or unskilled . I believe that  my qualifications and experience will surely match  one of your specifications almost exactly.

Please take a moment to review my attached Application Documents:

- Scan Copy of my Qualifications

- My Officer Student Transcripts

 Actually, I'm a graduate,  Higher National Diploma in Business Administration in Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin. Nigeria I can give you every necessary support to confirm my results

I also have very certified Secondary School Certificate called West African Examination Council ,(WASC) which you can confirm Online  with scratch card without taking a long time sir, iam ready to pledge my support for results confirmation....

Finally, I want you to assist me either skilled or unskilled job, if you check my working experience, have worked with security guard companies in my country and I'm presently, working with Npower and you can confirm it online too, and iam earning less then, 

Once you ready to confirm my results and my work experience, I will provide scratch card, my id in my working place and you will confirm online and you free to called them .

It would be a sincere pleasure to hear back from you soon to discuss this exciting opportunity.
Usman Gani Akanbi 

Work Permit

Dear Sir
I'm from Bangladesh , I want to job in Romania please help me

Romanian job domain


In which area are you searching for?
Romanian job market, as you can imagine in this coronavirus times, is not very dynamic.
I think that in a few weeks months there will be more jobs. However should you tell me in which area you are searching for a job, or which type of job are you looking for, I can check to see what is available on the job market.

Happy to help!

Seeking Job In Romania


This is Sagar from Bangladesh. I have experience apparel production merchandiser. Have experience on apparel buyer who can negotiate the garments cost, on time goods in-house, ensure quality product etc. Have skill on customer satisfaction, team work, meet company target, and like challenging job.

Could you please share related job link.

Thanks & regards

Seeking Job In Romania

I have job experience on apparel production merchandiser in Bangladesh. It is not matching with any job criteria in Romania.
I am searching entry label job in textile, fashion area or any warehouse or store. As a new comer, seeking job in Romania at any town area place.
Please help me.
Also, please advise as a Bangladeshi (From South Asia region), can I get chance for any job in Romania?

Thanks & regards

jobs working visa

sir im mohammed younus workig saudi arabi 18 yers can you helping me workig visa romana and my mobel nembur XXX thanks

request for information

Hellow there
i am a former officer at National Bank of Ethiopia with three years experinces and currently studying administrative science in UBB at Clujj-napoca
my qouestion is is it possible to get bank job here in clujj



Here is my view on things:
- it will depend whether you speak Romanian or not, and to which extent you might speak Romanian, or maybe you just understand it. There are some type of jobs where Romanian is a must e.g. working directly with the [retail] clients
- an interesting internship

If you speak another language than English contact this company , they are searching speakers that know foreign languages

And then it will depend on your specialization in banking e.g. retail credit, treasury, accounting. Here is a job on accounting:

All above jobs are in Cluj.

In theory the banking sector is shifting their operations to provide more online services, in Romania there are still many branches. Nowadays with the COVID crisis it will be more complicated to find a job than before, but there is still a chance.

It will depend on your permit, I assume that you have one for studying in Romania.
It's already very good since you are already in Romania, thus can already go for some interviews...

All the best!

Working visa and job

Hello sir , I am interested work in romania to any job worker , office assistant boy etc . I am from the nepal . How to apply romania to working visa for work any job ?

skilled workers

Hello there,
I am addressing this mail to you to inform you that we are a oversee recruiting company provide skilled workers. I would be thankful to you if you kindly provide me some companies who need skilled workers. Best regards
Azizul haque

job work permit

I am Shorab Hossain. I am 29 years old. I have 5 years experience as a data entry operatour . Sir computer operatour, IT, clark, packaging, agriculture or any job I can do with my hard work and talent. Please contact me.


For data entry I found only a few jobs

There are others where you either need to speak German or French, which I guess you don't and or they are requiring university degree

For the agriculture, or all these low skilled jobs, I'm less of an expert.

Happy to help!

Looking for the jobs

I am ready to work in Romania as a Cleaner or Cleaning Supervisor and any job in Romania.

How can I find a job or Company for a Work permit?

Please help me by giving me Any Company or Recruiting Agency address, e-mail, or phone number and link.

Thank you



Here is the list of the biggest cleaning services companies in Romania:
1) you have an [email protected] email address and a phone number to call them
2) , same you have an [email protected] email address and a phone number
4) (you have the email address and the phone number of the HR department which in Romanian it's called 'Resurse Umane')
5) you have the contact details in the bottom left corner

And here is a long list with jobs in the cleaning area in Romania

The translation for 'cleaning' in Romanian is 'curățenie'.

Job Center

Hi Sir/Madam,
I am from Nepal, my concern is, can I find any link for Job Center, so that I can send my candidates directly to the Center, and they avail appropriate job to the people according to their skills and knowledge. I have so many people interested for work abroad. Hope to hear soon, Thanks and regards.

Agriculture field

Dear Sir/Madam,

Is there any vacancy available in Agriculture Field.

Looking Jobs For A Driver

Hi, I am Raj and I am from New Delhi India I m looking for a Car Driver job or any Hotels job or Personal Driver in Romania as a Driver or any other position .kindly guide me with the right agent if there is India or Romania where I can seek for a job I would really appreciate for your prompt response.

this is My WhatsApp Number.

Raj Banewal

Looking for the jobs

Is there any vacancy available in Construction Field

Is this news work in 2021?

I think this article "How to find a job in Romania?" is a very good suggestion for curious people who want to move in Romania as I'm too. It's only a curiosity. Is this news work in 2021?


The article was written in 2020, and it is applicable for pre-covid times. Now as Romania and other countries are slowly increasing the vaccination rate, I believe that all the article will still be valid.

Happy to help!

Work permit visa

Hello sir
... My neme is md mehedi hasan
I ned job in Romaniya

Work permit visa

Application for work permit Visa.
Hello sir,
I'm Mehedi Hasan from Bangladesh.
I beg most respectfully that I'm desperately seeking for ROMANIAN-WORK-PERMIT (Visa).
I've got 3 years Agriculture Experience.
I've got 2 year Construction site work Experience.
I've got 01 year IT farm section Experience.
And I'm currently work in KOSSLA PVT. LTD.(INDIA) Here I'm Thermal cutting oparetor.

Dear sir, Help me to give access about work permit visa.

Your Obediently
Md.Mehedi Hasan

work permit

Sir how to get in Romanian work permit from Bangladesh???i want to work in romania.

Construction Worker

Construction Worker work permit

I need work permit Rumeniya

I need agree or house boy job

Working visa

Work parent visa for Bangladesh

Job seeker labor

I want to work in Romania legal plz shortlist me for interview

Need a job

My name is bajlur in malaysia.contruction side.5 year.if u give plan make a bilding.can u help i want to go romania

Need a job

My name is bajlur rashid
Citizen in malaysia
.contruction side 5 year.

Need a job

My name is bajlur in malaysia.contruction side.5 year.if u give plan make a bilding.can u help i want to go romania

To get a job in Romania

I would like to get any suitable job in Romania. I know how to drive the trucks and buses and have excellent communication skills in English, Urdu/Hindi.

Need a job

My name bajlur in malaysia 5 year in contruction side


I am Singapore walking Wilding welding job walking lock shop and fit to the job are you working agree




Home dravli

Need a job

Contruction site any work like same meson plumber,make wall plan see make buliding everything in building

job Romania from Pakistan I want a job any job factory, agriculture shopping moll, farmers.

work visa

Dear sir
I am interested Romania work permit and job visa.
How can I get a Romania job visa, advise me please.


dear sir. I am Industries Romania work permit and job visa. all paper ready and police clearance ready,my country is Bangladesh,thank you sir,

i need jobs

skill. im driver and computer oprater photoshop editor

Need a job

My name is bajlur rashid.i am bangladeshi.i am work in malaysia contruction side.have exprience like same if u give plan no need inginear make building.rod biender.make wall.make everything of building.


I m from Nigeria i am mechanical engineering technician am here looking for job in romania, am a christain i will be glad to relocate and work in romania, if there is an opppoetunity for me, thanks k

Garment filed or house keeping & ex.


Hello sir or madam ,

First of all thank you for the valuable information. My name is nirosha Kumuduni. I'm from sriLanka.
I have 10 years experience in Garment sector as a quality Checkr & Auditor.
I like to work in Romania. But no body help me. Some time it's a Day dream .but I like & I'll try.
Please give me a one chance to like ANY other jobs.(house keeping & baby sitter & ex..
I Need for job in your support. .
Believe your kind helping hands.



Dear Sir My Name is Mango Naveen Kumar Welder I Want a Job Opportunity Please I have 12 years experience abroad Singapore Kuwait Saudi Arabia (Armo Certified) Welder Tig GTAW SMAW FCAW C'S SS Full Tig MIG Welder Stable Study High School

I'm Looking job Transportation department

Hello team,
I'm sujeet kumar gupta. I'm looking job,Havey Equipment Operator.
I have work experience 7 years.
if you have requirement please let me know.
thank you.

I'm Looking job Logistics department

Hi team,
My name is Pannelal Gupta. I'm looking job, Material control specialist. Warehouse man.
do you have requirements please let me know. I have work experience in 7 years.
thank you


Hi I Md. Tarek
Address Bangladesh
Current Location Bahrain 6 year+

I am a skilled electrician
and mechanic of all types of fitter
and ceiling designer

and skilled driver licensed from Dubai.
I have served in Dubai for 11 years.

I would like to go to my favorite Romania with this job qualification. If I have a job opportunity in a good company then

please contact me my email address and you can call this phone number or whatsapp

[email protected]

Work visa

Hi I am Md. Tarek
Address Bangladesh
Current Location Bahrain 6 year+

I am a skilled electrician
and mechanic of all types of fitter
and ceiling designer

and skilled driver licensed from Dubai.
I have served in Dubai for 11 years.

I would like to go to my favorite Romania with this job qualification. If I have a job opportunity in a good company then

please contact me my email address and you can call this phone number or whatsapp thank you

[email protected]

i need driving job permit

My name is afzal from qualifications is B.A and i have heavy vehicle driving license
5 year experience in Rescue Driver in Rescue emergency service and fire service in Pakistan government
My mobile number is 00923453735567

Any suitable positions

Dear sir.
Welcome N.karthikeyan from India I am completed diploma mechanical engineering I have 14 years experience high pressure die casting production department . can you help me please I am ready to any work


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