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I've been learning Romanian for about three years and have not advanced further than basic/intermediate. One of the things I lack is some structured lessons practicing pronunciation of words and making conversations. I have many Romanian friends who help me, but I learn a few phrases here and there. They also speak at a normal rate which is a bit fast for me. I want to get past the, "Salut, ce faci?" sunt din America, and work into some conversations. I also want to increase my vocabulary. I like your site very much as there is pronunciation of which I can practice. I would like to see all the things listed for the vote. Not just one. BTW, you may reach me at [email address removed to protect against spam] I would love to build a relationship and start improving and increasing my Romanian language skills. Bafta, Mac

Hi Mac,

Hi Mac,
First of all thank you for your kind words about my site. You are right all the above features listed in the poll should be part of the website, and they will be one day, it's just that I wanted to know what to start with, and where to focus my attention.

To answer your question on how to better proceed, as it is mentioned here(in the section "Method for learning Romanian" it all depends on your personality and what works for you to learn easier.

Generally speaking I think you need to set yourself a goal to start with something: let's say grammar, and then practice it as much as you can. Once you have finalized your exercises you can read Romanian (e.g. online) and try to identify the pattern/rule that you just learned.

For pronunciation, it is good to learn by listening to normal speed Romanian, even better would be a bit slow motion (like the recordings on this website) to allow you to clearly identify the sounds and then to try to reproduce it.

But most important, after you have learned something you need to practice it and to have somebody that can correct your mistakes and explain why it was wrong and how to do it better. This is why there is a forum associated to this website. For the moment the forum is not accepting any new members (due to too much spam), but please feel free to drop me an email (via the contact form) and I'll create one account for you. Then you can post all your trials there, and ask particular questions.

I'm planning to add many more materials to this website, to make it easier, but it will take some time, as this is a passion of mine, in my limited free time, rather than a full time job.

I'll be happy to help you on your learning Romanian path.

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