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A0.10 Revision Level A0 - Core Romanian Words

Congratulations you have gone through all the lessons of the Level A0 - Essential Romanian. We have prepared for you only a few questions of what you've learned in this level, what we consider to be the most important words to use on a daily basis.

What is the correct translation for:


ă î â ș ț

If the above set of exercises was to easy for you, you can either go back to the respective lessons and do all the exercises again, or you can take our extensive Level A0 revision.

You are now ready to go to the next level A1 - Elementary Romanian


I've been teaching myself

I've been teaching myself Romanian for two years. The book that I bought is good but this website is really excellent.

Multumesc foarte mult!

Thank you very much Norah.

Thank you very much Norah.
I appreciate it.

If you find any mistakes/shortcomings, I'm happy to learn about it, to be able to provide even better free lessons to all the persons that want to learn Romanian.

Happy to help!

This website is awesome!

I mainly use Duolingo to learn Romanian but this is excellent and much easier to use and focused! Multumesc!

Another way of learning Romanian

Thank you very much Harry!
I am using a different philosophy than Duolingo.
Even though I'm alone and I can't compare with the army of programmers and volunteers of Duolingo, I'm enjoying it to the fullest preparing free lessons for others to study and enjoy Romanian as much as I do!

Should you have any questions or spot any errors, just drop a comment and I'd be happy to answer.

Happy to help!

Multumesc frumos

Hi! Thanks so much for this course. I have now completed A0 level and am off the ground so to speak! Multumesc foarte mult.

I'm very happy to hear that.

I'm very happy to hear that.
Keep on, the motivation is the number one factor for successfully acquiring a new language.

By the way, if you ever spot some mistakes in the exercises please let me know just post a comment on that respective page and I'll be happy to correct it.
Happy to help!

very good

very good

I love the website and your

I love the website and your mission. Im a software engineer from USA learning Romanian. If you ever need website maintenance help maybe i can assist.

Hi Albert

I appreciate your kind words. The fact of thinking of helping is already more than enough.
Indeed it's an enormous amount of time that I spend on maintenance, including deleting the spam comments.

If you have any experience with Drupal I would be happy to talk to you to see how you could help.
If not it's not a problem, already the fact that you thought about it made me happy.

For example I've been struggling with html, css, javascript, as I'm not an expert, but eventually after many hours and some sleepless nights :) I always find a solution.
Here is a difficulty that I faced recently for which I asked some help this morning:

The whole website is a one man show for the last 10years+.

I would like to create more content and I have 200 ideas, including speaking exercises. I did a research some years ago, but had to stop as I realized that it was full time job for 1-2 years.

I'm 90% done with a new feature that I'm working on: after replying correctly to the questions you will see a part of a picture. After answering all the questions in the same translation table, you will get to see the whole picture. The pictures are carefully selected to depict one idiom in Romanian, or one Romanian personality... It was quite challenging from a software development perspective, to display just one part of a whole picture, and my kids insisted that I make it in a shape of a puzzle. But I liked learning about svg, css3 animations, clip-path, overlaying pictures.

On some of the pictures I had to spend some hours :) e.g. one Romanian idiom is "minte creață" which means curly mindset. I found a way to depict it in a picture. Another one is "Frectie la picior de lemn" This one is quite challenging to do in a picture. I have some ideas but it involves a lot of Photoshop. I'm proud of the "cățel de usturoi" (garlic clove) that my son helped me doing. You will be seeing all this once I roll out the new feature in production.

Then I still want to allow to replace the pictures with a short clip of a movie. I know it's possible in css and svg.

I hope that in max one month I'll be able to roll it out in production. It's working in the test environment I still need to finalize the 10% left.

I'm also quite advanced with the redesign of the front page, and hopefully the whole page. I find the design quite old, but I had to set some priorities.
And last in some months years I'd like to add a free pronunciation lesson for the persons that finish all the lessons.

I have many ideas, I just need a 48h day and my kids to grow older to allow me some more free time.

The good news is that I'm as passionate as in 2010 when the site first went live.

Sorry about the long post, since I work alone I do not have that many chances of sharing about my own challenges :)

Happy to help!
P.S. In the past I even had a dedicated page to talk about the site features, but I could not maintain that module there were quite some issue so I had to disable it

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