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Level A0 - Revision - Core Romanian Words

Studying hard Romania Exercises

Congratulations you have gone through all the lessons of the Level A0 - Essential Romanian. We have prepared for you only a few questions of what you've learned in this level, what we consider to be the most important words to use on a daily basis.

Romanian Exercises: Revision Level A0 - Core Romanian words

Question 1 / 10

What is the correct translation for:

(only the bolded text must be translated)



ă î â ș ț

If the above set of exercises was to easy for you, you can either go back to the respective lessons and do all the exercises again, or you can take our extensive Level A0 revision.

You are now ready to go to the next level A1 - Elementary Romanian


I've been teaching myself

I've been teaching myself Romanian for two years. The book that I bought is good but this website is really excellent.

Multumesc foarte mult!

Thank you very much Norah.

Thank you very much Norah.
I appreciate it.

If you find any mistakes/shortcomings, I'm happy to learn about it, to be able to provide even better free lessons to all the persons that want to learn Romanian.

Happy to help!

This website is awesome!

I mainly use Duolingo to learn Romanian but this is excellent and much easier to use and focused! Multumesc!

Another way of learning Romanian

Thank you very much Harry!
I am using a different philosophy than Duolingo.
Even though I'm alone and I can't compare with the army of programmers and volunteers of Duolingo, I'm enjoying it to the fullest preparing free lessons for others to study and enjoy Romanian as much as I do!

Should you have any questions or spot any errors, just drop a comment and I'd be happy to answer.

Happy to help!

Multumesc frumos

Hi! Thanks so much for this course. I have now completed A0 level and am off the ground so to speak! Multumesc foarte mult.

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