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Ho.1 Audio - video materials for learning Romanian

a) our lessons abound in audio and video resources. At the time of writing this article there are around two hundred audio files and 5 videos in:

- Common Romanian words and basic phrases
How to conjugate Romanian verbs "to be" and "to have"
How to ask for directions in Romanian
- Romanian vowels pronunciation

Here is an extract from the lesson Common Romanian words and basic phrases .

English Romanian
Phonetic Transcription
yes da /da/
no nu /nu/
I Eu /jew/
How to say politely You in Romanian Dumneavoastră Dumneávoastră /̯a'vo̯a.strə/

b) Romanian (online) radio

There are plenty of Romanian radios out there but what you need is a radio where you could hear debates, and more Romanian spoken language rather than foreign plays.
The best is to listen to the official Romanian radio station called Radio Romania Actualitati . Just click in the upper right corrner the "Ascultă Live" link. Equally important you can download podcasts that you can listen to more than once and you can play on your mp3 player/ smartphone.

c) Romanian TV

There are quite a few TV stations that have online content for free. The state subsidised TV channel, called TVR(Televiziunea Română ), has free live Romanian TV of its shows online as well as free recorded Romanian videos in many areas(e.g. travelling, children, documentaries). The recorded shows are very useful for repeating the words that you do not fully understand at a first hearing.

TVR channels can also be received for free via satelite by connecting to the right satelite and the proper receiving parameters as explained on the TVR webiste.

If you can receive the TVR channels via satelite, it's worth noting that every day on TVR 2 channel, the 16.00 o'clock Journal is subtitled with Romanian on screen subtitles(so you hear Romanian and see the corresopnding Romanian subtitles at the same time) by using the Teletext page 888. This is an opportunity to improve your listening skills. This feature is very useful for beginners.

d) music (videos)

Another free Romanian language learning resource is the Romanian music. We recommend you to check out the charts of the radio stations or tv music channels. One of them is Radio21 and it's chart can be found here. On that page you can listen to the samples of the plays, to choose the ones that you like as well as the ones in Romanian language(nowadays many Romanian artists prefer to sing in English). As soon as you've found one to your liking you can search it on and check it's lyrics on (choose the box under "Caută"(Search)) and then click on the "Căutare"
One example is:

and another one

e) Romanian movies

There are quite a few complete Romanian movies freely available on youtube that also have English subtitles(it's a feature of youtube, if you do not see the subtitles you need to click on the button in the lower menu on the youtube screen).
You will find on youtube full Romanian movies both old as well as new ones.
As an example see below "Filantropica) ENGLISH SUBTTILES"
If the English subtitles are not on, click on the "Captions" button in the lower right corner of the youtube screen.

Romanian DVDs
You could buy as well a DVD( e.g. online-shop that delivers world-wide), where you'll get for sure subtitles in English, French... In some cases you might also get the Romanian subtitles (for hearing impaired) which are very useful to help you with your listening skills.
A complete list of recent Romanian movies can be found here. You can use this list to search on youtube by the name of the movie and adding: "film complet" to the search word.

Once you've reached the advanced level you can improve your coloquial Romanian skills by watching a Romanian series such as "La bloc". You can find around 300 episodes (of 20 minutes each) on, it suffices to type in the search box (La bloc episode 1) and then try episode 2...

Romanian audio lessons

We're planning to add on our website, Romanian audio lessons for free in the near feature

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