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Emergencies in Romanian

What to do in case of an emergency in Romania

We hope you'll never have to face emergency situations in Romania. However just in case, you might feel reassured to know how to say a few words in the unlikely case that you might need it.

For any type of emergency, e.g. accident, theft, that needs the prompt intervention of the ambulance, police or firemen, you need to dial 112 from your mobile/fixed phone. The operator will guide you and send the right intervention team to assist you.

112 emergency call number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
112 calls are free of charge and can be dialled even in case of phone connections cut off due to unpaid bill or even without a SIM.

The 112 emergency line is available in "other main languages". However we haven't tested it, however we can assume that it is working and that the person answering your call should speak at least English, if not more languages.

According to some statistics the average time to answer is 4 seconds.

Conversation with the 112 (emergency call number) operator

Romanian phrases and vocabulary for emergency situations, Romanian survival phrases

English Romanian
Audio Phonetic




Can you please help me?

This formal polite question can be used in normal situations as well, including other than emergencies such as shopping.

Puteți să mă ajutați vă rog?

/pu'tet͡sʲ sə mə a.ʒu'taʦʲ və ↗rog/




Leave me alone

Lasă-mă în pace

/'la.sə.mə ɨn 'pa.t͡ʃe/







Has something happened?

You are indirectly asking Are you ok?

S-a întâmplat ceva?

/sa ɨn.tɨm'plat t͡ʃe↗'va/

I'm ok

Sunt bine

/sunt '

I'm sick

Sunt bolnav

/sunt bol'nav/




Taxi or Cab



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To learn how to say: "Where is the hospital" or "Where is a nearby drugstore / chemist's shop / pharmacy" please visit our lesson on asking directions in Romanian.

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