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Ho.3 Romanian materials for children

Why Romanian materials for children?

- easy Romanian language, without complicated words
- slow and clear pronunciation of Romanian words

- you might encounter some children specific words (e.g. fermecat (magic)) that an adult would not use in normal adult conversations

We still belive that it is worth giving it a try.

Romanian children songs and stories

You can find many on, such as:

or for older and children more advanced in Romanian:

Unfortunately there are no English subtitles available, however please feel free to ask it here on this page by posting a comment at the bottom of this page.

Romanian Lullaby

As asked in the comments at the bottom of this page, I have added a Romanian lullaby. Enjoy it!

Romanian books for children

We've selected a few books for you:
1) Romanian language school book for second grade
2)Romanian language school book for third grade

eBooks - Children and adults Romanian books
3) The merry alphabet(Romanian) (around 1$)
4) Cuore - a bit more advanced language

Please note that the online bookstore does not have an inteface in English, however you can call them, and they do speak English and can help you with your order. You can check-out on their website other eBooks(all are in Romanian) from another category that might attract you more than children;s books).

Other resources

We've found one website that proposes a paid eAbecedar. The "Abecedar" is the Romanian Alphabet book, the first book that children use in school to learn Romanian.

A library with Romanian books next to you

For Romanian advanced level, you can try a library next to you, such as the Romanian library in Montreal Canada.


Romanian lullaby

Could you please recommend an soothing Romanian lullaby.
I'm working with disabled Romanian children and I'd like to play comforting music to them.

Thanks a million
Love the website

Happy to help

Hi,You have all my respect for the work that you are doing.I'm happy to help. I have updated the above page with a lullaby that I used to play to my kids when they were younger. The lyrics go deep into my soul (even now when I'm listening to it).I hope this is what you had in mind.Have a nice day

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