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. G1 Romanian grammar

Romanian grammar
Romanian is a Latin language thus it follows the grammar structure of Latin languages such as Italian, French or Spanish.

We have written several grammar lessons (all freely available):

Our lesson abound in free audio samples of the Romanian words being studied.

Here is a sample: Eu sunt (I am) /jew sunt/.

We are planning to add more Romanian language grammar lessons dealing with:

  • Masculine nouns (how to recognize them and how to guess the plural)
  • Neuter nouns (how to recognize them and how to guess the plural)
  • Romanian articles (definite and indefinite)
  • Romanian pronouns
  • Romanian verbs

Furthermore we'll add exercises for you to practice what you've learned.

Other Romanian grammar highlights: In certain cases the subject can be omitted

It is common, especially in spoken Romanian language, as well as from a grammatical point of view to leave out the subject. Let’s take this example where two friends are discussing:

“Am fost la o petrecere săptămâna trecută, a fost nemaipomenit. Maine seara merg la altă petrecere, mergi?”
“I went to a party last week, it was great. Tomorrow evening, I’m going to another party, are you coming along?”

In the above sentences the subject is missing because it is inferred from the form of the verb. In Romanian when one says “mergi” it can only be “you go” (where you refers to only one person/object, it cannot mean, "I go" or "He goes", because “I go” is "(eu) merg", and "he goes" is "(el) merge".
It is perfectly ok to say “Eu am fost” and to specify explicitly the subject “Eu” (translated as “I”), however in colloquial Romanian the subject tends to be left out.



pleaseeeee add the otheir subjectss i need them a lot and thnx it was really very useful for me

More Romanian grammar lessons

Hi Amira,

We'll add more Romanian grammar lessons asap, we are working on it.
Many thanks for your patience.

Hi Amira,

Hi Amira,

Thank you for your patience.

I've just added the lesson on how to ask a question in Romanian

In 1-2 days I'll add exercises for you to practice asking questions in Romanian.

I'm now writing a new one on the same subject and then will continue with more lessons on Romanian grammar.

Please let me know if something is not clear in that lesson.

All the best and I hope you will enjoy the lesson.

have a question

how many tenses have in romanian language? if so, what are they? please explain clearly with do we distingish them and conjugate .

Romanian verbs tenses


Romanian verbs have nine moods: Indicative, Subjunctive, Optative & Conditional and Presumptive and and four non-personal moods (infinitive, participle, gerund, supine). Most of these moods have two tenses (present and past); The indicative, has eight tenses (one present tense, four past tenses and three future tenses) .
Only a few of them are used on a daily basis.

I will need to create a dedicated lesson on verbs where you could see all the Romanian moods and tenses.

Happy to help!

Thanks, request, and suggestion

Bună :) firstly, thank you so much for this sute,wits absolutely incredible that such grwat information is available for free. It is greatly appreciated. I would love to have more grammar lessons about tenses, genders, verbs and conjugations, etc.

I REALLY hope you don't mind this, but I think the way the admin organised and structured the lessons on this site is great as it runs you through vocabulary and grammar in a good and natural learning curve.

Thank you again for all you've done. <3

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