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Free Online Romanian Language Lessons / Courses

Our Romanian language courses are structured in four categories on the basis of your Romanian language skills: A0:Essential Romanian(24h), A1:Elementary Romanian for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

If you do not know in which category you fit, you can take the Romanian language skills test or start directly with the absolute beginner level: A0. Essential Romanian 24 hour course.
We find the pronunciation a very important topic this is why we've build Romanian classes specialized in pronunciation.

Independently of your level, you will need some tools and an approach to studying Romanian. This is why we have prepared a short tutorial on How to learn Romanian for free.

Our approach is to provide for a better and more intuitive way of learning Romanian than the traditional language study books. We believe that Romanian can be better learned through real life situations and by using free audio and video materials.

See all lessons of the Essential Romanian 24h course >>

Level A0:Essential Romanian 24 hour course

Romanian speedy fast track lessons

This is the Absolute Beginner's Guide to conversational Romanian and a Romanian Survival guide.
No prior knowledge of Romanian is required.
Knowing that sometimes grammar can be tedious subject we have limited the grammar lessons to the bare minimum that you should know, the conjugations of the main Romanian verbs: "to be", "to have" and "to go".

In online Romanian course you will learn how to:
- understand a basic conversation in Romanian
- handle situations frequently experienced by foreigners in Romania

You will discover and assimilate:

See all lessons of the Essential Romanian 24h course >>

See all lessons of the Romanian Elementary course >>

Romanian Pronunciation

Romanian pronunciation

In each and every lesson on our website you will find free audio samples of the words/sentences you are studying.
However this course on pronunciation is a dedicated one, explaining the pronunciation rules, and grouping similar phonetic Romanian words.

Those familiar with the International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA) notation will be happy to find each Romanian word in all our lessons transcribed into the IPA style. If you are not familiar with IPA, you can just ignore the "funny characters" and listen to the free Romanian audio samples.

Three comprehensive Romanian classes are available:

Romanian Grammar

Romanian grammar lessons

The Romanian Grammar online course explains the rules governing the grammar as well as providing many examples and exercises.
Even if you, like most people, are not a big fan of grammar, the course helps you understand why certain grammatical constructions are as they are.
We're ready and happy to help should you have questions or need more assistance. Just drop us a comment at the bottom of the lesson that you find difficult.

Currently the following lessons are ready. We are working on more (to be made available soon):

All about Romania (e.g. traveling and living)

House of People Bucharest Romania and Romanian flag

To learn better Romanian you must know a few things about the country and its people. Moreover if you can settle in Romania, you will be more exposed and immersed in the Romanian culture and language which will boost your Romanian language skills.

This is why we have created a few lessons (most of them following your requests) to help and guide you while traveling through Romania or trying to find a job or a place to stay.
We're planning to add a few more lessons about the Romanian traditions (e.g. cultural, religious, gastronomic).


Online Romanian language degree


I've been trying to understand whether there are any tests for Romanian such as the Cambridge, Toefl or IELTS for English. Any help would be appreciated.

Online Degree

I've been asked this question in the past, and I remember that the answer was that there isn't a standardized test that can be taken online. I have verified one more time, and I'm afraid that answer is still valid that there isn't one.

There are tests though by universities, but there isn't this concept of accredited college/companies/institutes, since there is no standardized test.

The offers tests of Romanian based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, at all levels A1,A2,B1,B2,C1 and C2.

Happy to help

Intermediate lessons


At the top of the page it says you have beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons but I can't seem to get to the intermediate or advanced lessons so the link might be broken?

Intermediate and advanced Romanian lessons

Thank you for your comment,
The site has separate and dedicated lessons for vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.
There are already intermediate lessons for pronunciation:
Pronunciation of i in Romanian
Romanian vowels (combined) pronunciation
and grammar:
Romanian noun gender and number
How to ask a question in Romanian

For the advanced level I wrote the following grammar lesson:
How to ask complicated questions in Romanian

I haven't had the time to group them on levels yet, and I'm

With regards to the vocabulary lessons, the Romanian Love lessons:
Romanian love phrases
is actually an intermediary-advanced one

I haven't had the time to create the Intermediate and Advanced levels as containers, but there are already lessons at that level. I'm also planning to add more vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar lessons. I hope to release them soon. And then I'll certainly create the page that groups all the lessons of these levels.

I hope this answers your question.

Happy to help

Learning romanian

Very helpful thank you


im happy to learn

We're happy to provide the

We're happy to provide the free Romanian lessons


Thanks a lot for these lessons, I have been looking for a while for a website to learn Romanian but at least for the basic level this is the best one i have found! I hope you continue to update the website with the other levels. My goal is to learn up to B1 level until the end of March, when I will leave Bucharest.

Best regards,


More Romanian lessons

Thank you Felipe,

I'm trying for some time now to improve some features of the site. This meant I had less time to invest in new lessons. I had a feeling that the current lessons are not good enough and I was trying to make the next ones better (with more interactive content). This is quite an undertaken for my little free time. I might just pause these improvements, so that I can create more lessons.

Happy to help


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Good morning Sir I Mahbubul Alam from Bangladesh. I work with IT I am interested in working in Romania but cannot arrange a work permit to go or work there. I was hoping to get some help from you? Thank you sir.



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