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Online Romanian language degree


I've been trying to understand whether there are any tests for Romanian such as the Cambridge, Toefl or IELTS for English. Any help would be appreciated.

Online Degree

I've been asked this question in the past, and I remember that the answer was that there isn't a standardized test that can be taken online. I have verified one more time, and I'm afraid that answer is still valid that there isn't one.

There are tests though by universities, but there isn't this concept of accredited college/companies/institutes, since there is no standardized test.

The http://www.ecl.org.ro/index.php?id=home/ offers tests of Romanian based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, at all levels A1,A2,B1,B2,C1 and C2.

Happy to help

Intermediate lessons


At the top of the page it says you have beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons but I can't seem to get to the intermediate or advanced lessons so the link might be broken?

Intermediate and advanced Romanian lessons

Thank you for your comment,
The site has separate and dedicated lessons for vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.
There are already intermediate lessons for pronunciation:
Pronunciation of i in Romanian
Romanian vowels (combined) pronunciation
and grammar:
Romanian noun gender and number
How to ask a question in Romanian

For the advanced level I wrote the following grammar lesson:
How to ask complicated questions in Romanian

I haven't had the time to group them on levels yet, and I'm

With regards to the vocabulary lessons, the Romanian Love lessons:
Romanian love phrases
is actually an intermediary-advanced one

I haven't had the time to create the Intermediate and Advanced levels as containers, but there are already lessons at that level. I'm also planning to add more vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar lessons. I hope to release them soon. And then I'll certainly create the page that groups all the lessons of these levels.

I hope this answers your question.

Happy to help

Learning romanian

Very helpful thank you


im happy to learn

We're happy to provide the

We're happy to provide the free Romanian lessons


Thanks a lot for these lessons, I have been looking for a while for a website to learn Romanian but at least for the basic level this is the best one i have found! I hope you continue to update the website with the other levels. My goal is to learn up to B1 level until the end of March, when I will leave Bucharest.

Best regards,


More Romanian lessons

Thank you Felipe,

I'm trying for some time now to improve some features of the site. This meant I had less time to invest in new lessons. I had a feeling that the current lessons are not good enough and I was trying to make the next ones better (with more interactive content). This is quite an undertaken for my little free time. I might just pause these improvements, so that I can create more lessons.

Happy to help


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Great exercises

Thanks for creating these exercises. Better than Duolingo:
The voice is human and Romanian.
I like the way the corrections are given at the end. If there are multiple mistakes you have to retype each correction.
I also like the way the accent is in bold.

Thank you very much

I appreciate your kind words. It means a lot to me, as I'm alone in maintaining this site, in my spare time, in several languages by the way, French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

I like Duolingo, and I'm using it for learning other languages, however, I feel that one cannot learn a language without knowing the culture of that country, without hearing an actual person speaking, interacting, moving their hands, this is why I added the actual scenes from movies. What do you think about that? Is it interesting?
I'm also using pictures from Romania in most of the lessons as the main picture of the lesson.
In the

I'd love to add much more such as:
- a lesson on the actual districts in Romania with a map, to teach you their names
- a lesson on the Romanian names
- more lessons on the Romanian traditions, I've started a bit but it's quite some work to gather all the materials, one day I'll make it
For example https://www.learnro.com/romanian-greetings#old_style
This is a page that I've been working for some years, but I haven't managed to add that much lately https://www.learnro.com/romanian-traditions
-I'd like to add a function whereby once you finalize one set of exercise you would see a piece of a Romanian picture, and you would need to continue to discover the rest
- I'd like to add another function for the ones that finalize all exercises of a level to be able to write a paragraph in Romanian that I would correct, thus correction by a real person with explanations if needed... Actually I used to ran an poll to ask visitors to give me some feedback https://www.learnro.com/poll

Is there anything that you did not like? I'm very interested in this part as well, as maybe there are some quick wins where I could improve, both in the functionalities or in the lessons... something that does not work properly or that is missing. I'd be really happy to hear about it.

Sorry for the long answer, I'm sometimes too enthusiastic :) but always happy to help someone to learn Romanian.

Thanks for the reply. Those

Thanks for the reply. Those all sound like good ideas. Yes, scenes from movies are good, but Romanian subtitles would help too.

The other thing I would prefer is that your audio examples of phrases and sentences were more natural sounding, without pauses between each word.

e.g. your recordings for 'Bună ziua, aș dori să fac o rezervare.' or 'Aș dori sarmale cu mămăliguță' are very clear, but don't sound natural. I'd like to get a better sense of Romanian sentence intonation and rhythm. Perhaps the sentences could be recorded twice? once slow, then natural.

Best wishes, :)

One more time thank you for your Feedback

It's a good idea the Romanian subtitles.

For the recordings I agree with you the pauses between the words are a bit un-natural and the pronunciation is especially exaggerated as opposed to the natural native speakers pronunciation, however I find it better this way for learning a new language. Otherwise, from hearing two Romanian native speakers talking it would be complicated to learn from that. The pauses between the words are done on purpose, otherwise in certain sentences when the words are pronounced in a sentence one may not understand precisely where he pronunciation of an word is ending and when the other one starts.

At the end of the day it's also linked with the student's Romanian level, if they are at the very beginning, the this breaking-down of the sentence even a bit forced with a bit unnatural pronunciation of a sentence would be helpful, whereas for a bit more advanced students, this would be annoying. Two speeds would help indeed.

My plan was to add scenes from movies, where you hear the native speakers pronunciation, and also see the scenes and understand better the gestures, the mimics, the tone of real native speakers voice. Like the last Romanian movie clip in this Romanian lesson: https://www.learnro.com/romanian-emergency

A student using a computer I've added the option to slow the movie down so that you can hear the pronunciation better. On mobile phone it was not possible at that time.

And this is how I was planning to mix the two, the native speaker sentences and the more Romanian teacher special pronunciation for the Romanian students. I recall my Dutch teacher repeating twenty times a pronunciation of two vowels, I think that is quite important.

I'm happy to hear your views or other views, as I'm not pretending that I know everything, I'm just explaining the way I see things, and definitely more ideas and opinions would help me shape and customize the site to the students' needs.

Happy to help

I found this website today

I found this website today and I think it's very much well-done. I appreciate the cultural side you want to attach, mabye you could also talk about turistic places in Romania or about historical events?

Cultural notes while learning Romanian

Thank you very much for your answer. Indeed this is the essence of learnro.com I do not want students to just learn Romanian, the intention is to also show them the Romanian culture and help them understand/integrate faster in the Romanian society.

I have too many ideas, but not so much free time, as all this website translated in 5 other languages, is done in my free time.
I have already reworked the lesson on asking for directions in Romanian:

You will find there already a few places in Romania, with videos. I particularly liked the amazing light and water show in Piața Unirii. I'm working now on making the videos bigger when you are seeing them on a computer.

I have also started many years ago a lesson on Romanian traditions
At the moment is still under construction.

I have also written some time ago a guide on how to learn Romanian:
You will find many complementary resources as well as music videos with the lyrics translated. I translated other lyrics in the Romanian love lesson.

Even though I make little steps I enjoy fully delivering quality lessons to the students that want to learn Romanian.

Happy to help!

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, it makes sense for beginners as you say.
Perhaps when you do the intermediate level section you could speak at a more natural tempo.
Another suggestion, if I may :), is to make it easier to login to my user account. There isn't an obvious link anywhere on the home page. And when I responded to your first reply, there was no way to login. Now I've found https://www.learnro.com/user so I'll use that in future.
Best wishes.

I'm really happy with your

I'm really happy with your feedback, there are sometimes important improvements with little effort.

For the login, indeed it's the link is https://www.learnro.com/user that you found as well.

I thought it was easy to find with the little white icon, shaped like a little person, that I placed at the top of each page. The only place where that icon is missing is on the front page, I'll add it there as well. If you had other difficulties I'll be happy to learn it, so that I can correct it.

It is obvious that the site needs an better look and feel, an new more modern UI, but now I'm concentrated on the content, rechecking the pages, to mistakes, for making easy to take the exercises e.g. breaking down bigger sentences in smaller parts...

Happy to help
P.S. Today I'm off, kids are playing outside, and I have a little time for myself, for my passion to help others learn Romanian for free!

I have added that little

I have added that little white person on top of the front page as well. I hope this helps.

Happy to help!


Great. Thanks for your good work! :)


I've been looking through and completing lessons however I haven't seen a lesson for learning the romanian alphabet yet.. Is there a lesson for this?

Romanian alphabet


The Romanian alphabet is covered in the pronunciation section:
you will find there the pronunciation of all the vowels, and some more special lessons on the pronunciation of "i" or "r". There are the consonants still to be added indeed.

Or maybe you meant something else?

Happy to help!

premium plus membership

Hi, I saw this membership that you offer online which involves a personalised learning programme , a 1on1 access to a teacher, ongoing professional assessments and assignments. in your comments above you say "I'm alone in maintaining this site, in my spare time".
Who is going to assess me to draft my personalised learning programme and all the other benefits that comes with the membership please?
How available is the 1 on 1 session with the teacher.
Thank you


All the content offered on learnro.com is free, and it is intentionally so. One can have an account to record the results of the exercises however there is no paid membership and no personalized programme to learn Romanian. I'm happy to help with any questions you might have though, for free, as long as you post them as comments, I'll reply to them.

Happy to help!


Hello! I wonder if it's possible to indicate some kind of textbook. I think it's a great complement to these Courses!


I'll need to do a short research as I'm using my head for creating the lessons.
I'm using many Romanian textbooks, but they are Romanian grammar, Romanian DOOM (dicționar ortografic si ortoepic) which are not appropiate for foreigners trying to learn Romanian.

Happy to help!


Hello! I wonder if it's possible to indicate some kind of textbook. I think it's a great complement to these Courses!

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