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A0.8 How to count in Romanian (Numbers)

In everyday life as well as for work related purposes (e.g. doing business in Romania) it's important to know the numbers.
In this lesson you will learn how to recognise and pronounce the Romanian numbers. It's quite easy.

Romanian numbers translated and pronounced by a native speaker

English Romanian
Audio Phonetic




(referring to a masculine noun)



 (referring to a feminine noun)



(referring to a masculine noun)



 (referring to a feminine noun)



























2 Listening
3 Translate

In the next Romanian language level you will be able to learn how to count to 20. We recommend that you finish this level first and only then move to the next one.

18 comments Website

This website was very helpful, I'd love to try to learn as much as possible and this website could help a lot, it already has. Very great website!

Opinion on our website to learn Romanian for free

Thank you Dunshee,
We appreciate your kind words. This will further motivate us to add more useful content to allow you to learn more Romanian in a easy and intuitive manner.


Sorry but I can't get audio. Am I doing something wrong?

How to hear Romanian

Hi Steve,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having some technical issues.
I'm more than happy to help.

The website is working fine, I have tested it again on my computer and mobile phone, you can hear well the audio (pronunciation).

If you are still having the issue, to be able to help you further, I would need more details of your computer or mobile phone (e.g. which windows or which mobile phone, which browser...)
Generally speaking, it would be useful to test that the sound is working properly on your PC (e.g. in another tab play anything from youtube).
Once you click on the blue play buttons, do you see the blue play button turning red and rotating?
Is there any pop-up? (e.g. you could have just a banner that informs you that some components (e.g. flash) is blocked by the browser).
Maybe you have an ad blocker that goes to far and blocks even the normal content...

You could also try to access the same page from your other device (e.g. if it doesn't work on your PC than try on your smartphone, and if it doesn't work either on the smarthpone then please let me know).

Let me know if I can assist you further. Feel free to use the contact form to send me al the info (if you feel that posting it here might be too much).

Happy to assisst you further.


Thanks for your reply. Got an android phone and that works. Tried 3 iPads and no audio. Is that the problem? Will it not work with apple?

Romanian language on iphone and ipad

It should work on iphones and ipads. I have tested it on iphone 6 and it was working. I assumed it would work on ipads as well. There are many versions of iOS and iPads but if you are saying that you've tested it on 3 iPads it might be something more than the version. I have started already investigating and will definitely improve it to work on iPads as well.

The emulators that I'm using are showing that is working properly but I trust you that it's not so I'll try to find a better emulator or get my hands on a real iPad (I'm working on it).

Many thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. I'll come back to you as soon as I can after having identified the issue and fixed it.
All the best and I really apologies for the inconvenience it should definitely work on all apple devices. In the meantime if you could use another device it would be appreciated.

Romanian lessons working on iOS iPad and iPhone

Hi Steve,

I discovered the issue, a bug in a third party library, I have written to the producer, but had no reply so far. In the meantime I have corrected it myself.

Could you please confirm that it is working on iPads (e.g. this lesson).

Many thanks for all your help

iPad problem

Tried it on both iPads and working fine now. Thanks very much.


Thank you

Thank you so much for this website. It s just perfect for learn and enjoy in the same time.
You are doing a very good job.

Good site to learn Romanian online

Thank you very much, I'll continue to work on it.
I've recently added a few features to help you for the exercises when you need to type in Romanian, if you do not type with the Romanian characters, which is to be expected, then if you type the correct answer in Romanian but do not use the diacritics e.g. if you type the word "noua" and you should have typed "nouă" then you are being helped and guided to type the correct letter.

I'm now struggling with some situations where students are replying apparently correctly, but then it is counted as a wrong answer.

I have also developed a system to show you your progress in % terms in a lesson and in a level. This is in the final stages of testing.

This is why your feedback, if you encounter a difficulty or an error is very precious for myself, as I cannot test it with all types of phones and devices.

I'm happy that you like it!


Yeah use the diacritics is difficult with my computer but your features is just perfect for that. So thank you.
Your pronunciation is why i love your website. I finally be able to learn by myself.
I'm using my macbook and I have no problem with your system.
It's entertaining so again thank you very much.


Compliments on your website. I might be able to talk to my colleagues in Romania in their own language in the not too distant future!
Just one thing: I think the revisions might be more of a challenge (and more helpful) if the questions weren't always in the exact same order.
But apart from that: Thanks!

Thank you very much


Thank you for the feedback. I was thinking of removing completely the revisions since it could be a bit too complicated/scary for some students that are just learning.
Based on your input I will keep them.

Actually when I started the feature with the exercises the order was random. I can easily enable the random order but I can't make a distinction between the normal learning and the revisions.

I was thinking of making it an option for logged in users to choose the order of their exercises, but this would then be applicable to all your learning exercises including the ones in the lessons.
I could think of adding it only for the revisions it's an extra effort, but doable in the mid-term. The difficulty is that I do not get that much feedback therefore I can only interpret it myself based on my own experience therefore I really appreciate your answer.

I've managed recently to add the feedback when you are typing a wrong answer with a few missing characters or a few extra. I hope you've noticed it.

Happy to help!


Actually it was easier than I thought, and now it's done in the revision lessons the order of the exercises is now random.

Happy to help!

It works!

Mulţumesc, it works!
This makes revision so much more useful, as you can't go through it on automatic pilot anymore

great site

love your site but it would be great if the excercises didn't follow in the same exact order all the time - is it possible to make them more random?

Hi and thank you for your

Hi and thank you for your comment

It's an interesting topic.
My approach was not to randomize the exercises which you can take while in a lesson, the ones via the "Start Learning" button at the bottom of each table. The purpose of the lessons is to help you memorize it and not to test you.

However for the actual tests, such as the ones in the revisions below, the order is randomized:

If you find it important though I could consider adding this feature as a parameter for each user to choose, just let me know.

I'd be happy to hear your views on the above as well, whether it helps you to memorize it better if they are not randomized in the lessons.

Happy to help!

Learning Romanian language option - random exercise order


It took me some time, but I've added the option to allow for random order of the questions while answering the exercises. This is an option when you want to edit your user details. I have enabled it for your particular user, but thanks to you it is now available to all other users that want to use it. By default it is set to the normal order not randomized which is easier.

If a user wants to change this option, she/he will have to log-out and log back in for the effects to be applicable.

Happy to help!

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