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  Learn to Speak Romanian Language

Is it easy to speak Romanian?

For English speakers it’s feasible. You will need to change certain instincts (different place for the tip of your tongue while pronouncing certain sounds); see our lesson below on P5 How to trill your Rs in Romanian.

Can I really learn to speak Romanian online free, by myself

Yes, it’s feasible, just follow our advice below. Beware you will need to change instincts and ingrained habits.

What’s the best way to learn to speak Romanian

There is no magic, just follow our lessons below, pay attention and do the exercises. The most important part, that you already know, is to practice as many times as you can.

P4 How to pronounce Romanian consonants

romanian consonants pronunciation image

In this lesson you'll learn to speak Romanian consonants with real examples of audio spoken Romanian sounds. We will also present in this lesson the pronunciation of consonant clusters such as "st","tr" or consonants in final positions. How should you pronounce the consonants together with the vowels?

P6 Learn to speak other sounds of the Romanian language

Romanian other sounds pronunciation image

Do you want to pronounce even a bit more complicated combinations of Romanian sounds, such as semivowels? which are part of diftongs and triftongs?
Do you want to learn to speak Romanian online free?
We will also walk you through the more special combinations of Romanian sounds such as "ce" , "ci" , "ghe", "ghi".

P7 Stress in Romanian words

Romanian stress

Which is the stressed syllable of a Romanian word?


Spelling correction

Bună! In English, vowel combinations are spelled "diphthong" and "triphthong" even though it sounds like there is an F in those words.

Thank you very much Lynne,

Thank you very much Lynne,

I thought I answered some time ago. I double checked and I corrected the spelling errors, if you find any others, I'm happy to correct them all.
I appreciate your help.

Happy to help!

Wenn is lection P7 coming?

Any plan to release lesson P7? I would really like to know how to stress the words correctly.

Hi Chris and sorry for the

Hi Chris and sorry for the late answer.

For the moment I'm focusing on the new feature to add scoring for the exercises available in each lesson. For example here you will find each lesson with its percentage of completion. I will ad more lessons afterwards. I had in mind some lessons with specific vocabulary about Romania e.g. county names, Romanian region names...

Happy to help!

Very usefull lesson

Very usefull lesson

Thank you, I'm happy you

Thank you, I'm happy you liked it.

Learning Romanian language

Buna, sunt Sri lanka. I'm trying to learn your language as some of my students are interested in working in Romania. By the way I'm teaching English. Please help me help others. Thank you so much. Denver

Salut Denver,

Salut Denver,
I'm happy to help and answer any questions you might have. All the best with learning the Romanian language. I guess it's rather complicated to learn it for you?

Happy to help!

Speaking other sounds

When will P6 Learn to speak other sounds of the Romanian language become available ?

How to speak/pronounce in Romanian

I'd love to add the lesson P6, on the groups of sounds ghe, ghi, che...
However I'm afraid that it will take me some time to add it. I'd like to apologies for that. I'm currently busy with the re-design of the front-page and with the addition of more reward images while taking the exercises.

Even though I'm fully committed to add more lessons, I prefer to be honest and do not create false expectations. I will certainly add it in the future, this is the plan, however as I'm alone maintaining this site, adding more features, translating the lessons so that the students can also learn Romanian from French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and German, it leaves me with a slower pace of adding more lessons.

I'm really sorry for explaining this, as this site still remains my free time passion.

All the best!


Your dedication is highly appreciated. These lessons are very helpful to us.

Thank you very much Aruna.

Thank you very much Aruna. That means a lot to me!

I apologies for what it might seem a slow progress.

I've managed to improve the speed of the feedback mechanism while tacking the exercises. It's faster and you get to see 3-4 letters of corrections at once not one by one as it was before.
I've also corrected some extreme cases of wrong feedback.

I've managed to add a few more lessons in Dutch, German, Spanish and Portuguese:

I need to fix one very strange defect that happens only for one lesson in Dutch, I managed to reproduce it, but I need to fix it.

Then I would like to finish the front page re-design, I'm 70-80% done with that.

My next step would be to add more movie clips, and find more Romanian movie clips relevant to the existing lessons.

I'm thinking whether to add another button to allow for a slower speed of the audio. I do not know if there would be any interest in that. I consider it a nice to have feature.
I'd like then to add a dedicated lesson for the word "Dumneavoastră", "bine vs bun" maybe also about the Romanian counties e.g. Brăila, Galați, Botoșani...

Happy to help and one more time sorry for appearing to be slow.
P.S. I had a great time with my kids yesterday, that is important as well :)

Difficulty in pronouncing Romanian words

Kindly guide me to learn Romanian language.

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