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  Learn to Speak Romanian Language

Is it easy to speak Romanian?

For English speakers it’s feasible. You will need to change certain instincts (different place for the tip of your tongue while pronouncing certain sounds); see our lesson below on P5 How to trill your Rs in Romanian.

Can I really learn to speak Romanian online free, by myself

Yes, it’s feasible, just follow our advice below. Beware you will need to change instincts and ingrained habits.

What’s the best way to learn to speak Romanian

There is no magic, just follow our lessons below, pay attention and do the exercises. The most important part, that you already know, is to practice as many times as you can.

P4 How to pronounce Romanian consonants

romanian consonants pronunciation image

In this lesson you'll learn to speak Romanian consonants with real examples of audio spoken Romanian sounds. We will also present in this lesson the pronunciation of consonant clusters such as "st","tr" or consonants in final positions. How should you pronounce the consonants together with the vowels?

P6 Learn to speak other sounds of the Romanian language

Romanian other sounds pronunciation image

Do you want to pronounce even a bit more complicated combinations of Romanian sounds, such as semivowels? which are part of diftongs and triftongs?
Do you want to learn to speak Romanian online free?
We will also walk you through the more special combinations of Romanian sounds such as "ce" , "ci" , "ghe", "ghi".

P7 Stress in Romanian words

Romanian stress

Which is the stressed syllable of a Romanian word?


Spelling correction

Bună! In English, vowel combinations are spelled "diphthong" and "triphthong" even though it sounds like there is an F in those words.

Thank you very much Lynne,

Thank you very much Lynne,

I thought I answered some time ago. I double checked and I corrected the spelling errors, if you find any others, I'm happy to correct them all.
I appreciate your help.

Happy to help!

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