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Please recognize the following vowel

Click on the play button to hear it


Lessons 4 and 5

Hi I noticed that lessons 4 - 5 are not accessable, I've been using this website and it has helped a lot so I'm wondering if this is a troubleshoot issue or of there is a reason for that. Thank you.

Free Romanian pronunciation lessons

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your interest in our website. The lessons 4 and 5 have already been recorded. I just need to draft the lessons and add the recordings to it. Now I'm busy with writing a new grammar lesson (on interrogatives). The grammar section has been suffering and I need to expand that section as well.

I'll do my best to add the lessons 4 and 5 of this Romanian pronunciation course. By the way I'll have to finish this lesson (3) as well, as it needs more content.

In the meantime, just by browsing the website I'm sure you will find all the combination of sounds that are expected in lessons 4 and 5. For example to learn how to pronounce the group "ghe" you can check it here: Asking directions and Introductions in Romanian

Thank you for your understanding and patience

Thank you, appreciate your

Thank you, appreciate your work.

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