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A1.9 Climate of Romania - Seasons

In this lesson we'll present:

Climate of Romania

Romania has four well defined seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Romania is a big country with a coastal region on the Black Sea, Danube Delta, and mountains. Therefore the climate varies depending on the region. Making abstraction of these differences and oversimplifying on average, the summer in Romania is usually quite hot, with average highs around 29-30°Celsius (83-86°Fahrenheit) in Bucharest. Over a summer day in July or August, in Bucharest, one can easily experience temperatures of 33-34°C (91-93°F).

Autumn is usually rainy.

Winters can be cold with average lows -5°C, but can easily drop below -5°C to even -15°C during harsh winters. During the winter there can be plenty of snowfall.

How do you say the seasons in Romanian?

English Romanian
Audio Phonetic

a season

un anotimp


two seasons

două anotimpuri














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All of the above nouns primăvara, vara, toamna, iarna are feminine nouns.

Seasons vocabulary in Romanian

English Romanian
Audio Phonetic

The flowers bloom in spring

Primăvara înfloresc florile

/'pri.mə.va.ra ɨn.flo'resk 'flo.ri.le/

Summer is hot

Vara e cald

/'va.ra je kald/

It rains a lot in autumn

Toamna plouă mult

/ˈto̯ plo.wə mult/

It snows in winter

Iarna ninge

/' 'nin.ʤe/

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Romanian seasons images (click to enlarge)

Supplementary exercises on Romanian seasons

We advise you to first study the words and the expressions in the above lesson by clicking on the Start Learning button and going through all the exercises (multiple choice question, listening and writing). The exercises below are just a complement. Enjoy it, and let us know if you find any issues by posting a comment available at the bottom of every page.

Romanian Exercises:

Question 1 / 4

Fill in the appropriate Romanian season name:

E frig și plouă mult. Este
ă î â ș ț

Romanian Exercises:

Question 1 / 4

Write down in Romanian, one month(any) corresponding to the season:

ă î â ș ț

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