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. How to use the Romanian translation and pronunciation table

Are you looking for a free translation service from English to Romanian?

Assuming that you arrived here and you would like to have a few sentences translated into Romanian, then drop us a comment on our dedicated English to Romanian translation page.

How do the translation tables on work and what do they mean?

Here is an example of the Romanian pronunciation, translation and phonetic transcription table that you'll find in many places(such as the Romanian easy phrases) on our website:

English Romanian
Phonetic Transcription
yes da /da/
no nu /nu/

Simply click on the "play" button to listen to each word spoken by a native speaker. We recommend to use headphones to hear the pronunciation clearly.

The table below has several columns, they all give you a full picture of a word:

  • English this is the English word
  • Romanian translation this is the Romanian translation. The stressed vowels are bolded
  • Pronunciation, Audio this is the pronunciation of the word(s) by a native speaker
  • Phonetic Transcription provides the Romanian phonetic transcription by using the International Phonetic Alphabet. Sometimes it is called Phonetic Translation

You don't hear the pronunciation while clicking on the play button?

If needed you can turn up the volume of your speakers or use headphones and play it again. Depending on your internet connection speed please wait after clicking on the play button for a few moments for the audio to start playing. Another reason might be that your browser does not support Flash and Javascript which are needed to hear the Romanian audio samples

Known Firefox issue

There is a known Firefox browser issue, that allows you to listen to the audio files (by clicking on the play button) the first time, but if you try the second time the same file it may not work anymore. There is nothing that we can do to change this. We kindly ask you to reload the whole page and then listen to the desired audio again, or use another browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome.

What else could go wrong?

Check any popups or banners that might appear in your browser. Sometimes browsers could block Flash plugin and give you a message on top of the browser window.
You could also check on another device, for example if you experience the issue on your computer you could try it on your mobile phone.
Last but not least, we've noticed that some ad blockers might prevent the audio from playing. If you have an ad blocker, please turn it off and retry and see if it's working.

Still not working? We'll be happy to assist you

If you cannot find a solution to hear (the audio samples) or see the videos on our website, please drop us a line via the contact form. Please include as many details as possible, such as the problematic page, a print-screen, a textual description of the issue.
We'll do our best to help you in a timely manner.