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A1.16 Romanian wines

At we teach you how to speak Romanian.
On your Romanian language training path you might go to a Romanian restaurant, or you might be invited by your parents in law to drink wine together. In all cases it will be useful to know as much as possible to impress your family or just to choose a good Romanian wine that you'll enjoy.

Romania has a long tradition of wine-making. Whether this is your first contact with Romanian wines or whether you're a Romanian wine connoisseur we hope that you will enjoy our articles and will be pleasantly surprised when tasting your first Romanian wine. After having read these articles you will be better prepared and more knowledgeable when it comes to Romanian wines:

In the next pages we'll take you through a brief tour of:

  • Romanian wine, vineyards - Facts and figures - Frequently asked questions
  • Grape varieties in Romania (international and local, red, white, rose)
  • Romanian terroir, wine regions and vineyards
  • Romanian wine classification
  • Top 10 Best Romanian Wines
  • Other very good Romanian wines
  • Where to order: Romanian wine shops (including online)
  • Romanian wine tour (tourism, visiting the wineries)
  • Monthly wine clubs, Wine tasting events

We recommend that you read the articles in the above order, however feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.
In each of the articles we'll add the Romanian specific vocabulary about Romanian wines with the usual free pronunciation, let's start with the basics.

Romanian wine basic vocabulary

English Romanian
Audio Phonetic

red wine

vin roșu

/vin 'ro.ʃu/

white wine

vin alb

/vin alb/

rose wine

vin rose

/vin ro'ze/

2 Listening
3 Translate

Home made wine, traditional Romanian way

It is very important to know that many Romanians follow a tradition of producing their own wine. This happens more on the country side, but basically many Romanians who have bigger vegetable gardens or who just want to enjoy some shadow from grape vine would make their own wine. They are often proud of their wine. Even though the quality greatly varies, you should at least try to be polite if you are asked to taste somebody's home made wine, and appreciate the effort your host has undertaken.
The following articles focus on the more commercially produced wine from specialized wineries.

Just to set you in the mood watch the next video about Romanian wines:

Now let's start your first article on this Beginner's Guide to Romanian wine.







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