How to say I like, I want in Romanian


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A0.3 Practical Romanian phrases/expressions: I like, I want, I have to

Various other Romanian phrases and useful words

English Romanian
Audio Phonetic

I want ...

Eu vreau

/jew vre̯aw/

I don't want...

Eu nu vreau

/jew nu vre̯aw/

I like...

Îmi place...

/ɨmʲ 'pla.t͡ʃe/

I don't like...

Nu îmi place

/nu ɨmʲ 'pla.t͡ʃe/

I like you

Îmi place de tine

/ɨmʲ 'pla.t͡ʃe de '

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Hungry thirsty warm cold Romanian

English Romanian
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I'm hungry

Mi-e foame

/mje 'fo̯

I'm thirsty

Mi-e sete

/mje 'se.te/

I'm warm

Mi-e cald

/mje cald/

I'm cold

Mi-e frig

/mje frig/

I do not feel well.

Literally: I feel bad.

Mi-e rău

/mje rəw/

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How to say "Have to", and "May I" in Romanian

English Romanian
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I must



I have to leave

Trebuie să plec

/' sə plek/

May I smoke?

Pot să fumez?

/pot sə fu↗'mez/

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At this stage you do not need to worry about feminine or masculine nouns, just learn both ways of saying mine: "a mea" and "al meu".


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buna... ma numesc preethi.i am from srilanka and 46 yrs. i love your language. so i am now learning romanian language with helping your this site. i am doing the driving job as my career. and i also have certfied for fork lift driver. so i like and love your country. so can you find out me a job in your country.?then i can easily learn languge. va rog dumnevoastra. multsmesc..!

Hi kellapatha,

Hi kellapatha,

Sorry for the late reply. I can provide some suggestions on taxi driver jobs. Can you please post your comment on the page dedicated to the Jobs for foreigners:
You have done the right thing by starting to learn Romanian. It can only help you land a job easier/faster.

Happy to help

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