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A1.5 Romanian verb "to go" , "a merge" conjugated

Here is the verb "to go" conjugated in Romanian, present tense. At this stage we keep the grammar part simple. In the next level we'll delve more into the real grammar of Romanian.

We provide the forms for all persons and number. It is worth noting that in Romanian, the present tense does not make a difference between genders: you need to use the same form of the verb for "he goes" and for "she goes".

Below is the conjugation table together with the pronunciation of those forms. You will also learn how to say in Romanian: "I", "you", "he", "she", "we", they".

Conjugation of "a merge" (to go)

English Romanian
Phonetic Transcription
I go eu merg éu mérg /jew/ /merg/
you(singular) go tu mergi tú mérgi /tu/ /merd͡ʒʲ/
he goes el merge él mérge /jel/ /'mer.d͡ʒe/
she goes ea merge eá mérge /ja/ /'mer.d͡ʒe/
we go noi mergem nói mérgem /noj/ /'mer.d͡ʒem/
you(plural) go voi mergeți vói mérgeți /voj/ /'mer.d͡ʒeʦʲ/
How to say politely and formally in Romanian you go dumneavoastră mergeți dumneávoastră mérgeți /dum.ne̯a'vo̯as.trə/ /'mer.d͡ʒeʦʲ/
"Dumneavoastră" can be used to refer to one person(singular) as well as several persons(plural). The form of the word "Dumneavoastră" stays the same. This is an exception in Romanian grammar where the plural form is different than the singular one.
they(masculine plural) go ei merg éi mérg /jej/ /merg/
they(feminine plural) go ele merg éle mérg /'je.le/ /merg/



How does one say
I want to go to Romania?

Romanian translation: I want to go to Romania


The translation is: "Vreau să merg în România"

Happy to help!

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