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You can request us to translate English to Romanian or Romanian to English by entering a comment at the bottom of this page. We'll do our best to answer asap.
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The translations are manual ones not basedl on an automated tool.

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English Romanian
Phonetic Transcription
1. I want more please Mai vreau te rog /maj vre̯aw te rog/
2. I want more please Vreau mai mult vă rog /vre̯aw maj mult və rog/


Follow me

How do you translate "follow me" in Romanian?

Translate English to Romanian

The translation of Follow me in Romanian is: Urmează-mă! All the best

Annoying Romanian boss


Could you translate for me the following message I would like to pass to my Romanian head of department. I'll most probably quit, as I can't stand him anymore. So I'd like to tell him a few words in his native Romanian language.
Could you translate this for me:
"You should treat better the people working for you. We are very motivated but your arrogant attitude demoralized most of us."

If you could translate it by tomorrow evening it would be great.

Many thanks

Translate English to Romanian

Hi,I'm sorry to hear about your stupid Romanian boss. I'd like to pretend that all Romanians are good and kind, but as you can imagine that is not true. There are good Romanians and bad Romanians out there... Here is the Romanian translation:"Ar trebui să-i tratezi mai bine pe cei care lucrează pentru tine. Noi suntem foarte motivați, dar atitudinea ta aroganta ne-a demoralizat"All the best and I hope you will find a way to treat this difficult boss.If you need something else just let me know.

Text translate

Hello.please transalate that text in romanian tnx!!! As I celebrate your birthday,i think again of when god first brought you into my life.We've shared a few more years and a few more birthdays since then,and we've discovered that love is so much more than we first imagined.Love is waking up to each other in the morning and falling asleep beside each other at night.It's sharing all of life...the good parts and the hard parts...and knowing no matter what happens we'll always be together.It's laughing,praying,loving and living together.Love is a gift that we get to open every day.Happy birthday my husband!!!

Birthday Love message - Romanian translation

Hi Laura,

I'm really sorry I missed your comment two days ago, I would have answered faster. I hope it's not too late.
Please find below the requested translation. It's very deep and full of passion. I have adapted the translation, it's not a word by word one. However if you would prefer a more literal translation let me know as I see that this is a well thought birthday message. I would recommend this adaptation, as the word by word translation would not sound really natural in Romanian. Here it is:

Acum, de ziua ta, mă gândesc la momentul în care Dumnezeu te-a adus în viața mea. Am mai petrecut câțiva ani împreună și câteva aniversări de atunci, și am descoperit că dragostea este mult mai mult decât ne-am imaginat la început. Dragostea este să te trezești lângă celălalt și să adormim unul lângă celălalt. Este să-ți petreci toată viața împreună... părțile bune și cele mai dificile… să știi că orice s-ar întâmpla vom fi împreună mereu. Dragostea este să râzi, să te rogi, să iubești și să trăiești împreună. Dragostea e un cadou pe care îl deschidem în fiecare zi. La Mulți Ani soțul meu !

Happy to help and Happy Birthday to your husband "La Mulți Ani soțului tău!"

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